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KMI is launching a new sponsor program for KM Vendors - a section of our website dedicated to featuring your firm!   Solution providers, tech firms, independent consultants to large corporations - anyone interested in gaining an edge in the fast-growing KM market, can now get a jump-start with the help of KMI.

By the Numbers...

  • Growing Subscriber-base: KMI is growing at a rate of 5 new members/day on average, from U.S. to Europe to India, and just about everywhere in-between.  Global list: nearly 15,000.  
  • Growing Student Body - nearly 10,000 graduates and other students, from classes to online programs.
  • Online Communities - between our 5,000-member LinkedIn Group and Alumni portal "Knowledge Hub" - KMI represents thousands of qualified buyers in a target-rich environment 

Valuable Intel

Members choose from a variety KM topics of interest, so KMI can follow up with news and updates related to their topic(s).  Additionally, KMI surveys our students to learn more about their unique needs. Most are just starting their practice and need guidance on the tools/apps and services that will help them transform into a Knowledge-based enterprise.  These interests lead to your product!

Recent CKM Class in Washington DC.  Classes like this one are delivered over 30 times/year in up to 15 countries.  

Quality of Audience

Our membership and student body represents many types of "KM professionals" - from content managers to C-suite Execs.   Most are intimately involved in their KM initiatives, representing the leaders and drivers and in some cases decision makers for their overall KM direction.

These professionals look to KMI for guidance on the products, personnel, and training necessary for success. Now your firm can leverage this guidance and take advantage of increased visibility at a relatively low cost. 

Still Not Sure?  Compare and Save...

You can spend thousands ($$) on traditional marketing efforts, such as a tradeshow.  Or, you can go directly to your target audience with your message, and be backed by a trusted source, the KM Institute. In the process, cast a wider net for those who may need your product but look somewhere else.  

Reach them before they reach others, and be the first to make a major impact.  This is where KMI can help.

Consider the alternatives...

For bigger budgets:
Spend $5,000-$10,000 for a booth at a tradeshow,
and hope to gather as many contacts as you can, and
then hope for a 2-5% response rate at best.

Or, spend $5,000 for 6 full months of "Featured Vendor" visibility to your target audience.

For medium-sized budgets:
Spend $ thousands on a new email/marketing service to slowly build up your subscriber base.  

Or, take advantage of KMI's existing subscriber base today; leverage over 15 years of growth in your target audience.

For smaller budgets:
Spend $300 on a press release to a blind list, with less than 2% who may actually be interested in your product.  

Or, spend the same amount on a full month of publicity to your target audience instead of a generic viewership.  

Regardless of your budget and investment in the KM marketplace, KMI has a solution for you.

Media Sponsor Packages

1) "Featured Vendor" Media Package


  • Logo and link to company website from new "Sponsor" page
  • Featured Blog/Articles related to vendor (2/mth)
  • Listing at KMI "Knowledge Hub" 
  • Top billing in KMI's global newsletters ("Featured Vendor" section, 2/mth)
  • Targeted e-blasts (2/mth) to Member Leads*
  • Trial offers for Members and Students (your product introduced in our classrooms!)

Monthly: $995
3 Month Package: $2,995
6 Month Package: $4,995

"Purchase Now" is for 3-Month package.  Choose "Request Invoice" for Monthly or 6-Month Packages.

2) Standard Media Package


  • Logo and link to company website 
  • Featured Blogs/Articles related to vendor (2/mth)
  • Listing in e-newsletters (2/mth)
  • Listing at KMI "Knowledge Hub" (online Alumni Community)

Monthly: $300
3 Month Package: $795
6 Month Package: $1,495

"Purchase Now" is for 3-Month Package.  Choose "Request Invoice" for Monthly or 6-Month Packages.

*"Members" are KMI subscribers - over 15,000 globally.   Example: If you are a vendor with a content management tool/app, KMI can e-blast to our community of members interested in content management.


Contact KMI today, or call: (US) 866-360-IKMI (4564)

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