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Digital Transformation in the Workplace

Using Storytelling to Drive Digital Transformation

The 2-day "Master Class" required for CKS Certification in Digital Transformation

Available as a private class, and soon a public class!

Students Have Two Training Options: 

   1. The Master Class - students wishing to take a deep dive into Digital Transformation who may not be
   interested in Certification.  The 2-day Master Class earns credit toward CKS Certification should
   you choose to get Certified at a later date.

  2. Certification in Social KM - students wishing to earn Certification can do so by taking the KMI
  "KM Foundation" course online, plus the 2-day Digital Transformation Master class.  Note: past Grads
  (CKP/CKM) can bypass the "Foundation" course and take just the Master Class and exam.  
  Full designation: CKS - Enterprise Innovation / Digital Transformation 

See below for details on your options.  "CKS" = Certified Knowledge Specialist (in a KM topic).


Digital Workplace transformation can be defined as ‘the process of getting an organisation fully ready to operate in the rapidly evolving digital environment and preparing it for continuous change ahead’.

Regardless of your industry or your geography, no organisation can ignore the disruptive nature of new digital and mobile technologies, and this level of change is only set to continue.

This Digital Workplace Transformation course is aimed at anyone in an organisation who is tasked with or wants to take a leading role in getting their organisation engaged with the process of Digital Workplace Transformation.

The course focuses on understanding the nature and scope of Digital disruption and how it will affect your particular workplace and business. To that end the course instructor will spend some time tailoring aspects of the course to individual attendees and their industry sectors.

The course is designed to give delegates ample time to reflect on and discuss topics. A healthy mix of theory and practise is on offer.

Who Should Attend

Ideal for anyone tasked to deploy or interested in Digital Workplace Transformation for their organisation.

Participants range from line of business users to HR and Communication leaders and from newcomers to seasoned practitioners, public/private sectors, and just about everyone in-between.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The goal of this course is to ensure that delegates leave with these 3 key building blocks in place:
  • A clear understanding of  Digital Workplace Transformation (and where your organisation is on that journey.  
  • An understanding of how  Digital Workplace Transformation can be deployed at your particular organisation (threats, risks and opportunities.  
  • A well-defined idea of how to advance the Digital Workplace Transformation agenda at your company (getting started). 

Added Benefits

  • Before – a telephone one-to-one with the course lead in advance of the course so the lead can establish the delegate’s current level of understanding and any particular priorities and tailor the course appropriately
  • During – interactive sessions working through various Digital Workplace Transformation scenarios
  • After – an opportunity for further guidance via an on-line community created by the instructor for delegates to share their challenges and for the instructor to offer advice in terms of making a business case, creating a roadmap or providing a proof of concepts demonstration.   

Program Outcomes

1. Defining what Digital Workplace Transformation means for your organisation. Capturing the Leadership vision and engaging the workforce. Dealing with multi-generational workplace with differing expectations and digital skill sets.

2. Digital Workplace Transformation Maturity model - Understanding where your company is on the journey and creating a roadmap to get to complete Digital Workplace Transformation.

3. Storytelling - Creating a narrative of your company’s Digital Workplace Transformation journey that makes it easy for employees to see where they fit in and how they can contribute.

4. Culture Shift and Change Agents - Dealing with Legacy Technology, Processes and Mind-sets. “Culture is a prerequisite for the success of Digital Workplace Transformation, not a feel-good factor or afterthought”

5. Collaboration – getting everyone to interact and contribute requires a collaboration strategy, a suitable Enterprise Networking platform and a dedicated resource to ‘host the party’.

6. Environment – often overlooked but getting the working environment that is in tune with the Culture shift and Digital Strategy is key. Here we will look at changing work patterns and ways to accommodate new employee expectations.

Contact KMI for a detailed overview.

Meet Your Instructor

A veteran of the era, Rooven Pakkiri is a digital evangelist who focuses on the way technology changes organisational communication and collaboration.  He is an author and regular speaker on the subject of Social Business and how it is transforming the corporate rule book.  Rooven is also the co - founder of a regular thought leadership event in London where independent thinkers discuss issues of user adoption and cultural transformation.

As an independent consultant, Rooven is responsible for developing client specific adoption strategies and immersion programs. As part of this process Rooven employs a number of techniques from scenario modeling, content seeding, champion identification and community development. 

For more about Rooven, including videos and interviews, please click here...

Class Options

1. Master Class (2 days)

Audience: New students wishing to take the Master Class but may or may not be interested in Certification.  The 2-day Master Class earns credit toward CKS Certification should you choose to get Certified at a later date.

2a.  CKS - Digital Transformation - for New Students

Audience: Students new to KM Institute, not previously Certified, who wish to earn this new CKS designation
Part One:  Study the "KM401" course online, taught by KMI Chairman, Douglas Weidner.
                  Choose: either the Two-Day Live Workshop or Online (asynchronous)
Part Two:  Attend the Digital Transformation Master class, taught by Rooven Pakkiri
Post-Class: Take an online Certification exam covering content of both the KM401 and Digital Transformation class
Certification: Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the "CKS" designation

2b. CKS - Digital Transformation - for Past Grads

Audience:  Students *already* Certified by KMI - either CKP or CKM - who wish to earn additional CKS designation
Two-Day Workshop:  Attend the Digital Transformation Master class
Post-Class: Take an online Certification exam covering content of the two-day Master Class.
Certification: Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the "CKS" designation




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