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  • New Content – leverage new content/enhancements to the Certification program - no extra charge to Graduates
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As KM matures, the KM Institute’s robust KM Certification Program has gone thru a number of ever-richer versions since its first workshop delivery in June, 2001. Recently, substantial enrichment has dominated the newest version changes including especially core content expansion – Knowledge Age emergence, transformative change management, and new KM "Bulls" – Personal Knowledge Management, Customer Satisfaction, Analytics, etc.

But, most recently, the Knowledge Hub includes another form of Certification program enrichment, the addition of hour-long specialist tutorials. These have been delivered in the workshops, captured on videos, and made available to all current, past and future Certification students.

The expert contributors run the gamut from university professors to seasoned practitioners. Many presenters are past CKMers – presenting what they are doing in their own niche of real world of KM.  Their topics are chosen based on newly emerging hot topics that we deem of keen interest to you, our certificants.  The best instructors and most demanded topics will be expanded from these short "Knowledge Nugget" vignettes to ever richer content and longer courses as part of the Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS) curriculum.

Available exclusively for our Certification students.  



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