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Knowledge Transfer Process

Using The Knowledge Transfer and Continuity Methods for Results

The 2-day Master Class required for CKS Certification in Knowledge Transfer and Continuity

Next Class in Washington DC, May 17-18, 2017 - details below!

CKS Certification includes the Master Class plus KMI's "KM Foundation" program.  Scroll down for details...

Students Have Two Training Options: 

   1. Master Class - students wishing to take a deep dive into Knowledge Transfer who may or may
   not be interested in Certification.  The 2-day Master Class earns credit toward CKS Certification should
   you choose to get Certified at a later date.

  2. Certification in Knowledge Transfer - students wishing to earn Certification can do so by taking the
  KMI "KM Foundation" course online, plus the 2-day Knowledge Transfer Master class.  Note: past Grads
  (CKP/CKM) can bypass the "Foundation" course and take just the Master Class and exam.  
                Full designation: CKS - Knowledge Transfer and Continuity 

See below for details on your options.  "CKS" = Certified Knowledge Specialist (in a KM topic).

Introduction / Rationale

Due to the “baby boom” after World War II, many organizations are facing an upcoming increase in retirements. Similarly, most organizations have employee demographics where there are very few people to fill the 10-15 year gap between baby boomers and the Gen Y population. Organizations are faced with a difficult dilemma, is it wiser to wait for the wave of retirements and see how it plays out, or is it better to take immediate action.

The Knowledge Transfer and Continuity process ensures that unique and critical knowledge/capability is not lost during retirements or other workforce related changes (e.g. promotions, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, job rotations, attrition, etc.). The four step process is award-winning and externally validated. It comes with a financial calculation for Return-On-Investment for organizations seeking that important metric.


This CKS is designed for managers and leaders that can influence their organization to prepare for upcoming loss of unique and critical knowledge/capability. Often, these individuals are Human Resources leaders, managers, or business partners. Line managers, program/project managers, and functional leads will also find value and immediate impact in this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn and practice the 4-step Knowledge Transfer and Continuity process
  • Practice the 4-step Knowledge Transfer and Continuity process
  • Align the Knowledge Transfer and Continuity process to your current situation
  • Improve your individual facilitation skills and capability

In this course you will not only learn the process, you will compare the process to many other related processes for a deeper understanding of its value. You will also apply the process to your current situation and needs. We utilize an interactive approach to practice the process within the classroom in realtime with your peers. Finally, you will also receive helpful and impactful feedback from your peers and instructor with regard to your personal facilitation skills. 

Meet Your Instructor - John Hovell

John Hovell earned his Certified Knowledge Manager certification in 2007. He had been practicing knowledge management for nearly 10 years prior to earning the certification.

He has multiple degrees in Management Science and Information Technology. He earned his Project Management Professional certification in 2008. He has published several chapters in books, as well as magazines and other publications. He was one named “Top Young Trainer” of the year.

He is proud to offer an interactive approach based on individual readiness and needs. He earned his Organisation Development certification in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2016.

Learn more about John here...

Class Options

1. Master Class (2 days)

Audience: New students wishing to take the Master Class but may or may not be interested in Certification.  
           .      The 2-day Master Class earns credit toward CKS Certification should you choose to get Certified
           .      at a later date.
Next Class: Washington DC, May 17-18, 2017 
Tuition: US $1,495 

2a.  CKS - Knowledge Transfer and Continuity - for New Students

Audience: Students new to KM Institute, not previously Certified, who wish to earn this new CKS designation
Part One:  Study the "KM401" course online, taught by KMI Chairman, Douglas Weidner.
           .       Choose: either the Two-Day Live Workshop or Online (asynchronous)
Part Two:  Attend the Knowledge Transfer Master Class, taught by John Hovell
Post-Class: Take an online Certification exam covering content of both the KM401 and Knowledge Transfer class
Certification: Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the "CKS" designation
Next Class: Washington DC, May 17-18, 2017 (take KM401 online to earn certification)
Tuition: US $2,695

2b. CKS - Knowledge Transfer and Continuity - for Past Grads

Audience:  Students *already* Certified by KMI - either CKP or CKM - who wish to earn an additional
                   CKS designation
Two-Day Workshop:  Attend the Knowledge Transfer Master Class
Post-Class: Take an online Certification exam covering content of the two-day Master Class.
Certification: Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the "CKS" designation
Next Class:  Washington DC, May 17-18, 2017
Tuition: US $1,795



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