KM Solutions Showcase™ - Sep 11-12, 2013


KM Solutions Showcase™


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The "KM Solutions Showcase™" is the new mini-conference designed by KM Institute; "Master Classes" of three hours each covering the hottest topics in KM today.


Sheraton Reston Hotel, Sep 11-12, 2013
11810 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20191
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Daily Schedule, Wed-Thurs       Co-Sponsored by

AM Sessions:   8:00am-11:00am
Lunch:             11:30am-12:30pm
PM Sessions:  1:00pm-4:00pm
Thurs PM:        4:30pm Happy Hour

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Topics                            Who Should Attend

  • Knowledge Continuity
  • Taxonomy for Business
  • Knowledge Jam Workshop
  • Analytics and Exec Leadership
  • Storytelling for Success
  • Info Architecture for KM
  • Successful KM Implementation in Practice
  • KM Transformation Solution™ - KM Methodology and Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM)™
  • Business Architecture and KM Linkage
  • All Knowledge Managers - Worker to CKO
  • IT Professionals
  • HR/Training Professionals
  • Project/Program Managers
  • Enterprise Content Managers
  • Records/Data Managers
  • Business Intelligence Analysts



Topics/Presenters for Wed, Sep 11th

Analytics and Executive Leadership - What KM Professionals Need to Know

Presenter: James Pfautz, Founder/CEO of Self Solutions, Inc.
Session: Wed AM (8-11), Sep 11, 2013

Leadership is about movement.  Moving a group or a team in a direction consistent with a business objective.  Leadership is notoriously difficult because organizations have a tendency to fall into the ILLUSION OF HOW...focusing immediately on the 'solution' without really understanding Why, When and Where. Leadership's job is to understand Why something is happening...Where are we relative to the desired objective and When will we know when enough is enough and it's time to undertake the next journey?  

This 3-hour segment will go into the relationship between leadership, analytics and strategic accomplishment.  Areas discussed will include creating cultures of respect and prosperity.  Avoiding Title VII and IX litigation and personal leadership.  



The Business Architecture and KM Linkage

Presenter: Gilbert W. Laware, Knowledge Consultants, Inc.
Session: Wed AM (8-11), Sep 11, 2013

Strategy tells us what we are going to do responding to the business landscape and business architecture defines the structure of how we execute delivering goods or services into that landscape market. The 2 core enablers of execution today that support the execution are knowledge and the digital part of the enterprise or as most people say "IT."

Effective use and management of knowledge depends on the linkage to the business architecture.

The business architecture is made up of several types of models that contain language phrases. These phrases can be used in analytics to assess the impact of change, rank options and compare alternatives. These phrase analytics provide a link between strategy, process and knowledge. There are 5 categories of models that form the business architecture. A key category of business architecture is the knowledge model of the business. Constructing and analyzing the knowledge model is core to understanding impact of change on the knowledge of the enterprise.


Wednesday's Lunch Presented by
KM Institute

Knowledge Cafe - 
Round-table Discussion
on Showcase Topics

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Lunch served in hotel restaurant, 2nd floor.

Opening remarks by Mike Smoyer,
Founder/President, Digital Government Institute


Getting Started with Business Taxonomy - Unlocking the Keys to Successful Info Management

Presenter: Zach Wahl, Founder/CEO of Enterprise Knowledge, LLC
Session: Wed PM (1-4), Sep 11, 2013

Business users are more active than ever in the publication and consumption of information. From big data, to social computing, to content and document management, more information is being generated and thus the need to effectively manage and retrieve that information is all the more critical. Business taxonomies present an integral component of this information management solution.

This presentation will provide best practices and a proven approach for the design and development of intuitive and sustainable taxonomies that will serve today’s information management efforts and will offer a series of real world examples from the public and private sectors.

Click here for Zach's latest blog.



Is Storytelling All It's Cracked Up to Be, and How Can it Possibly Relate to KM?

Presenter: Madelyn Blair, Ph.D., Renowned Author, Coach and Mentor
Session: Wed PM (1-4), Sep 11, 2013

In this 3 hour session, the structure and nature of story will be covered along with the scientific evidence of why story influences us as human beings.  At least two storytelling/eliciting processes will be presented and practiced during the session. Links to using these and other methods in KM activities will be discussed. 


All methods presented are proven ones that have been used in many situations including KM.
The session will be experiential and interactive. 


The KM Transformation Solution™ - KM Methodology and Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM)™ 

Presenter: Douglas Weidner, Chairman/Chief Instructor, KM Institute
Session: Wed PM (1-4), Sep 11, 2013

Many organizations and KM leaders implicitly operate as if Knowledge Management (KM) is just another tactical initiative in a long line of other continuous improvement methods. According to Peter Drucker, “Every few hundred years…there occurs a sharp transformation…society rearranges itself…fifty years later…a new world…We are currently living thru such a transformation.” KM includes the maturing body of knowledge that enables a successful transformation into the post-industrial, Knowledge Age.

This presentation will describe the emerging KM methodology that will enable successful transformation, including the Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM)™ that is uniquely both a diagnostic and prescriptive tool to inform transformation. Finally, it will specifically detail what organizations need to do to substantially improve their performance in the Knowledge Age. 

Topics/Presenters for Thursday, Sep 12th

Knowledge Jam Workshop - Sharing Hidden Know-How

Presenter: Katrina Pugh, Align Consulting, Professor at Columbia University
Session: Thurs AM (8-11), Sep 12, 2013
Does your organization suffer from knowledge blindspots, mismatches and jail?  Knowledge Jam is a process for using facilitated conversation to get out hidden know-how from teams and experts, and to put it to work with the help of the organizations that need it most.  It is built around the disciplines of facilitation, conversation, and translation, and draws on the practices of organizational learning, social media, and intelligence acquisition.
Kate Pugh, author of Sharing Hidden Know-How (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2011) will take the DC KM community through the process, and we'll explore how Knowledge Jam can help when Knowledge is at risk, such as executive transitions, merger integrations, offshoring, and sales expansion. We'll also consider what it would take to start a Knowledge Jam program. 
Expect a fun, interactive, and practical experience that may inspire you to facilitate your own Knowledge Jams.  Click here for Kate's latest blog.



From Idea to Execution - Anatomy of a Successful KM Implementation

Presenter: Graham Westwood, CKM, Founder/CEO, Knowledge Smart Design
Session: Thurs AM (8-11), Sep 12, 2013

The USAF is implementing a Sharepoint based Emergency Response plan for its bases around the world.  The Ontario Medical Association has implemented a financial and human capital management systems to serve its 33,000 physicians and staff.  Both used an innovative framework called a Knowledge Hub that turned talk about transformation into real effective action.
This short program will provide you with a roadmap to take KM principles and embed them in the operational fabric of the enterprise in a manner that is fast, flexible and extremely cost effective.  You will learn through examples from the USAF and OMA projects about:
  • developing a KM strategy to guide the process
  • harvesting operational know-how to create the core of the knowledge-hub
  • knowledge curation - how its done and why its important
  • the difference between systems of record and systems of engagement (it matters)


Thursday's Lunch Presented by 

Knowledge Smart Design

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm

Lunch served in hotel restaurant, 2nd floor.  


Knowledge Continuity - Simple 4-Step Process to Save Knowledge During Retirements

Speaker: John Hovell, CKM, Sr. Manager, BAE Systems; Board Member, KMA DC Chapter
Session: Thurs PM (1-4), Sep 12, 2013
Have you noticed how many retirements are happening these days? Have you thought about how similar a retirement situation is to other job-related changes such as promotions, terminations, mergers and acquisitions?
Knowledge Continuity (KC) is a process that can help minimize the loss of knowledge and capability during retirements and organizational changes. It is a simple process with 4 steps and 3 roles. It was designed by Lockheed Martin is beginning to be used across many industries and organizations.
The KC process has been externally validated as a successful approach to ensuring capability is maintained during organizational change.

Click here for John's latest blog.


Developing Info Architecture for Knowledge Management Solutions

Presenter: Anthony Rhem, Ph.D., CKM
Session: Thurs PM (1-4), Sep 12, 2013
This session will focus on the design and implementation of information Architectures specifically focusing on the Information Model and its role in driving taxonomy structures, contributing to improved search and “findability" as well as the overall user interface design and experience of the Knowledge Management solution.
This session will examine the concepts along with case studies on the design, development and use of the Information Architecture/Model by examining several organizations and how the approach to taxonomy development, search and user experience was influenced.  Along with presenting examples of information architecture/models, taxonomy adoption an underlying view of the content types and metadata, along with governance requirements will be presented that met the business expectations of the KM solution.


The Secret Sauce for KM Success - Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)™

Presenter: Douglas Weidner, Chairman, Chief Instructor of the KM Institute
Session: Thurs PM (1-4), Sep 12, 2013

Knowledge Management (KM) is certainly more than just a KM system, much more than just methods and tools for repositories, expert locators, and communities of practice, etc. KM is the entire Body of Knowledge (KMBOK)™ that informs and enables individuals and organizations to transform human performance in the post-industrial, Knowledge Age.
To be successful, organizations will need to understand the underlying dynamics, and to motivate and enable their knowledge workers to be personal knowledge managers.  It's not an option, it's an imperative! 
This presentation will provide keen insights into the drivers that are disrupting the world as we know it. It will focus on the emerging roles, responsibilities and ultimate potential of PKMers. Finally, it will detail how organizations can unleash this untapped human capital, to monetize and differentiate themselves for survival and success; and, what individuals need to do for their own self-actualization. 

Location - Sheraton Reston

Sheraton Reston (Reston, VA - just outside Washington DC)
Airport: Dulles International
11810 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20191

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