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Digital Transformation & Productivity - Part I

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Digital Transformation & Productivity - Part I

Apr 20, 2016   |  By
Rebecka Isaksson | Director, KM Programs - Microsoft

Looking at a few keynotes from one of our internal, semi-annual technical conferences, and reflecting on some of the many Microsoft and Customer stories I heard on my recent travels in Europe, it doesn’t take a lot to see how they are all converging around one thing: Digital Transformation.

There are probably as many definitions of (and opinions on) the term “Digital Transformation”, as there are leaders, influencers, bloggers…. out there. And as many definitions as there are, as many are the business problems we are trying to solve with it, and as many (multiple times many more actually) solutions are there out there. So that is exactly where it should start: with asking ourselves not only “WHAT” we need to do but even more importantly “WHY” we need to do it? Are we really solving the right problems? Are we asking the right questions? Are you? Have you really isolated the problem you are trying to solve or are you throwing a solution/process/tool/consulting team at it, to fix the symptoms? The low hanging fruits? Or have you actually asked yourself “why”, as well as asking the “what”/how/who/when/where…?

Over the last few weeks I have had a ton of conversations with Customers and Microsoft teams (who work side by side with our customers every day) and everyone is working on some kind of “Digital Transformation” project or initiative – whether it is an internal project to implement our own New World of Work – concept at our offices in Stockholm or Prague, or sitting down with a Customer who is struggling to make users adopt Skype for Business, when all their work instructions are based on phone books and phone extensions. It is all “Digital Transformation” of some sort.

I like the idea of this transformation as the Fourth Industrial Revolution as e.g. referenced by the World Economic Forum, as the theme for their 2016 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. I think it puts it in a good perspective and I think, in many cases and for most of us, we have to be prepared to support anything from Industrial Revolution 3.5 (or at the very least 3.75) to 4.25, over the next 3-5 years.

How can we do that effectively, all the while we continue to perform, in a world that transforms so fast around us, on every level, that we can barely find the share button on our screen from one day to the next? We need to Work Smarter! Yup, I know, it is a total cliché and I know more than one of my former colleagues who has smoke coming out his ears reading those words: “WORK SMARTER”.

There is no way that one person can support every type of customer problem, at any point of scale of “Digital Transformation”/Industrial Revolution 3.0/4.0 on his or her own, so the only way to keep performing is by leveraging the Collective Knowledge of our Global Organisation(s)! 


PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

​Rebecka Isaksson is a thought leader and influencer with 15+ years experience of successfully driving Change Management and Operational Excellence multi-year programs, internally and as Management Consultant for many multi-national and global Enterprise Customers. 

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