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How To Use Knowledge Management To Gain Customer Feedback From a Broader Audience

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How To Use Knowledge Management To Gain Customer Feedback From a Broader Audience

May 31, 2023   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

Given how competitive contemporary markets are, your organization cannot afford to overlook the importance of gathering insights directly from customers. Knowledge management plays a crucial role in facilitating the collection and utilization of customer feedback. As a specialist in the field, you are central to your company’s efforts to harness the power of insights in ways that drive innovation and boost customer engagement.

While knowledge management is widely recognized for its ability to enhance internal operations and knowledge sharing, its potential as a tool to broaden the scope of customer feedback is often overlooked. By leveraging knowledge management systems and practices, you can empower your company to actively engage with a wider audience and expand the channels through which they receive feedback.

Achieving and Utilizing Seamless Customer Journeys

As a knowledge management professional, you understand that one of the most important uses of consumer insights is creating meaningful customer journeys. Nevertheless, it’s also vital to recognize that a great experience can provide important insights. By effectively utilizing knowledge management practices, you can create a more mutually beneficial consumer journey that helps you tap into authentic feedback from a broader audience.

Some effective approaches to this include:

Tailor your strategy

Design a feedback collection strategy that aligns with your knowledge management goals. Identify the most important touchpoints related to these goals where customers interact with your organization throughout their journey. Wherever possible, incorporate feedback mechanisms into these areas, like satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, and user comments to capture their experiences. By collecting more targeted feedback, you can refine your knowledge management processes to improve consumer journeys.

Foster active collaboration

Gaining truly authentic customer journey insights should involve making consumers active participants in the process. Invite a broader range of consumers to get involved in product testing. Even having customers film their reactions when unboxing a product can be impactful. In essence, you’re getting immediate and unfiltered feedback that you wouldn’t necessarily gain from surveys. By nurturing these knowledge-sharing collaborations, you create a valuable feedback loop that enhances the customer experience and improves the range and efficacy of your organization's knowledge assets.

Leaning into Web Accessibility

Part of the knowledge management specialist’s role is ensuring the information-gathering process is as effective as possible. This is also crucial for making certain you can gain data from the broadest audience. Among the most powerful ways to enable this is to boost the accessibility of your business’ online resources.

Some impactful ways of utilizing web accessibility for gaining knowledge include:

Designing for accessibility

It’s not enough to simply tack superficial accessibility traits on top of your existing website. You need to direct your company’s web designers to create your online knowledge platforms with inclusivity at their core. Begin with steps that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) web accessibility compliance guidelines. Optimize navigation for use with keyboards as well as a mouse. Provide alternative text for images and captions for videos. Make sure these efforts extend to the methods customers can provide feedback online.

Providing accessibility training

While your role as a knowledge management specialist means you drive company-wide efforts, you’re also reliant on other professionals to implement your initiatives. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that all relevant staff receive comprehensive web accessibility training. This helps to ensure workers have a practical understanding of the basic principles of online inclusivity and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). As a result, you can be certain that everyone involved with creating knowledge assets and influencing consumer engagement prioritizes reaching the widest possible audience.

Leveraging Knowledge Management Tech

The rise of the digital landscape has been great for knowledge management specialists. You have the opportunity to leverage technological tools that expand your ability to gather feedback from a broader audience. It’s worth taking the time to understand what platforms specifically geared toward and powered by knowledge management you can adopt into your strategies.

Some of the tools you can use to reach broader audiences include:

Interactive feedback widgets

Feedback widgets have become more practical knowledge management tools over the last decade or so. These specialized tools allow users to provide feedback on individual website components or content sections, so they can rate the helpfulness of the asset and suggest improvements. By incorporating these widgets effectively, you encourage users to actively engage with your knowledge resources and provide specific feedback. As this tends to be a more user-friendly and convenient approach to feedback, you may find it garners a broader range of respondents.

Sentiment analysis and text mining tools

Sometimes the issue is not that you haven’t received a broad range of feedback, but that you don’t have tools to fully analyze the widest possible insights from the data you’ve gained. Sentiment analysis and text mining tools employ natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to extract meaningful insights from qualitative feedback assets, such as customer comments or even support tickets and assess them efficiently. Indeed, the text mining elements can categorize feedback based on topics, keywords, or themes, allowing you to gain deeper insights from large volumes of customer responses.


Knowledge management is a powerful tool for businesses to gather and utilize customer feedback effectively, driving innovation and improving decision-making. By tailoring feedback collection strategies and fostering active collaboration with customers, your company can gain a wider range of relevant insights. It’s also vital to prioritize web accessibility and leveraging knowledge management technology to connect meaningfully with diverse audiences. This creates a positive cycle of engagement and improvement, enabling your business to refine its knowledge management processes, enhance customer journeys, and gain valuable insights for the continuous enhancement of products and services.

As you develop your knowledge management strategies, it’s worth also thinking beyond direct insights from customers. Establish channels and tools to maximize the potential of customer service staff. By fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to provide suggestions and insights based on their interactions with consumers, you can tap into additional sources of knowledge, further broadening your feedback channels.

Amanda Winstead is a writer from the Northwest US area with a background in communications and a passion for telling stories. She has been following Knowledge Management for several years and it's one of her favorite topics to explore.  Along with writing she enjoys traveling, reading, working out, and going to concerts.

If you want to follow her writing journey, or even just say hi you can find her on Twitter or LinkedIn or check out her portfolio.

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