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Human Capital - The Last Differentiator

Human Capital - The Last Differentiator

Sep 30, 2015   |  By
Rooven Pakkiri | Social Business Consultant

We are now operating in a world where the commoditisation of IT is fast becoming a reality for the current workforce. And it will be totally non-negotiable for the future workforce. BYOD is rapidly becoming BYOA. In this brave new world of Internet 3.0, the playing field has shifted - company size and history is less important than responsiveness and agility. The now legendary story of Blockbuster's rejection of the Netflix offer to form a partnership is instructive. The way in which talent finds its desired company and the terms on which it wants to engage are evolving rapidly. Going forward the single greatest differentiator for a company will be its ability to consistently leverage the talent and knowledge of its workforce to the maximum. Companies who are bound by tradition and hierarchy will struggle to compete and many household brands will become obsolete.

In this presentation, Rooven discusses this shift and talks about how he is helping clients to transform the way they engage and empower their workforce with digital strategies based on ‘Social Learning’, ‘Talent Insights’ and 'Decision Sourcing'.


Join KMI and Rooven Pakkiri in London for a 2-Day Course on "Social KM"

February 22-23, 2016

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What You Will Learn

This hands on course will enable you to:

  • Understand the implications that social KM has on your organization
  • Examine collaboration tools – blogs, wikis and forums to determine effective collaboration platforms for your own community of practice
  • Drive the role of the community manager to gain and sustain user adoption
  • Develop a strategy to create and manage your own community platform 

About the author:
A veteran of the era, Rooven is a digital evangelist who focuses on the way technology changes organisational communication and collaboration. He is an author and regular speaker on the subject of Social Business and how it is transforming the corporate rule book.  Rooven is also the co - founder of a regular thought leadership event in London where independent thinkers discuss issues of user adoption and cultural transformation.

As a Social Business consultant, Rooven is responsible for developing client specific adoption strategies and immersion programs. As part of this process Rooven employs a number of adapted techniques from scenario modelling, content seeding, champion identification and community development.

More about Rooven - click here . . .

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