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Trends in Enterprise Learning (and KM)

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Trends in Enterprise Learning (and KM)

Nov 03, 2020   |  By
Zach Wahl, CEO of Enterprise Knowledge and a KMI Partner

Lately I’ve been watching the quick maturation of learning and development concepts, practices, and technologies with interest and excitement. Organizations are paying more attention to learning and performance, how they apply it within their organization, and how it fits together with the rest of their knowledge and technology ecosystems. Overall, I see a few factors for this evolution of learning and development/performance:

  • The pandemic has forced organizations to think differently about learning. Traveling is now out of the question for most organizations, but it isn’t just that. The pandemic has prompted sometimes daily changes in practices and processes for organizations. That dynamism requires learning and performance programs to be incredibly flexible and easy to adapt.
  • Budgets around learning and development have been tightening for a while. Lean budgets combined with travel restrictions are forcing more organizations to find other ways to deliver learning. Even after the pandemic ends, this trend in remote learning will continue.
  • Organizations are finally waking up to the direct link between mature and effective learning and performance programs, and employee and customer retention. There is clear ROI here. More mature learning organizations will maintain and grow their competitive advantage.

At EK, we refer to organizationally mature learning and performance — programs that consider the complete range of learners, a broad collection of learning methods, and advanced technologies to deliver customized learning — as Enterprise Learning. The following are the primary trends in learning and performance we’re seeing. Taken as a whole, application of these trends will yield a true Enterprise Learning program for your organization, resulting in the aforementioned return on investment, quality, and performance for your people and your organization.

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