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Welcome to the premier Agile and Design Thinking (Virtual) Certification program by KMI.  This 2-day Master Class includes the "KM Foundation" online course, workbook, exam, Certificate, and forever access to our industry-leading LMS.  Details below...

Past Grads (CKM/CKS) may bypass "KM Foundation" and start the Master Class.

What is Agile?

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As the field of Knowledge Management has continued to mature, KM practitioners have taken stock of what has worked and what hasn’t. Efforts to improve KM projects and yield true results have shown clearly that KM efforts fail when:

Stakeholders and end users are left out of the design process; Initiatives are made overly complex or take too long to show value; Experts assume they know the solution, instead of leveraging end users to design and prioritize the true KM needs.

What to Expect

This certification course will provide you with a comprehensive background, methodologies, and facilitation techniques pulling from the best of Agile and Design Thinking approaches. These approaches will provide you with the foundation to:

  • Engage a wide array of your end users in the KM strategy, design, prioritization, and implementation effort.
  • Move the “KM Conversation” forward within your organization, focusing on business value and outcomes for individuals and the organization as a whole.
  • Develop a strategy and roadmap to show iterative progress that will help to develop buy-in and support.


The certification course is for anyone being asked to “make KM happen” in their organization. It should be considered by:

  • CKO’s, Directors, and other KM Managers;
  • KM Practitioners (either full or part-time) in charge of collecting requirements, building support, or defining a strategy for KM within their organization; and
  • Those interested in taking a leadership role within their organization to help establish or improve Knowledge Management.

What You Will Learn

Through the course, you will learn:

  • Background and foundation on Agile, Design Thinking, and other related approaches to strategy, design and implementation.
  • The intersections of Agile and Design Thinking, and how they can best be applied to address KM challenges and improve the success and value of KM initiatives.
  • Proven methodologies for facilitating conversations and engaging end users in:
  • Identifying KM needs and challenges;
  • Ideating potential KM solutions to those needs and challenges;
  • Prioritizing KM tasks;
  • Designing, Implementing, and Testing with your end users and stakeholders.
  • Actual facilitation approaches, exercises, and techniques.
  • Both short-term (workshop) techniques as well as longer-term (strategic planning) applications for Agile, Design Thinking, and KM.

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Meet Your Instructor: Mary Little, Practice Lead in Knowledge Management for Enterprise Knowledge

Mary has spent her career leading Knowledge Management Strategy and Implementation efforts, with extensive experience applying human-centered principles, including Agile and Design Thinking, to large-scale change efforts. She has led commercial, non-profit, and public sector organizations all over the world through the successful design and deployment of business and technical solutions aimed at transforming the ways organizations engage, develop, and enable their workforce. She is a Certified Agile Leader (CAL1), Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP), and Human Capital Strategist (HCS).

Mary is a frequent speaker and facilitator, with recent topics including Leadership Development, KM Organizational Design, Knowledge Transfer Strategy, and Change Management. Her publications center around the topics of organizational development, agile transformation, design thinking, user experience, and content and communication strategy. 

Registration for March 1-2, 2022 Class

The CKS in Agile and Design Thinking (2-day class plus online "KM Foundation" course). 

Standard rate for new students: $1,995
Past Grads (CKM/CKS): $1,595*

Package includes Course Workbook, KM Online Program, the 2-day Master Class, Online Exam, Certificate, and "Knowledge Hub" access to new instructional videos on KM and related topics - no expiration.

*Past Grads (CKP/CKM/CKS) may bypass the "KM Foundation" online program and start with the Master Class. 
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