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Format: Online + Master Class (F2F) for New Students


An In-Depth Study of the Successful "Knowledge Jam" Method.


Does your organization suffer from knowledge blindspots, mismatches and jail?

Knowledge Jam is a process for using facilitated conversation to get out hidden
know-how from teams and experts, and to put it to work with the help of the
organizations that need it most.  It is built around the disciplines of facilitation,
conversation, and translation, and draws on the practices of organizational
learning, social media, and intelligence acquisition.

Kate Pugh will take students through the process, and we will explore how
Knowledge Jam can help when Knowledge is at risk, such as in any corporate
change, executive transitions, merger integrations, offshoring, and sales expansion.
We'll also learn how to successfully set up a Knowledge Jam program for your 
own team and organization.


  • To Facilitate a “Knowledge Jam”
  • Rationale and Cost of Knowledge Transactions
  • Facilitation/Elicitation Methods
  • Useable, Real-World Techniques you can apply today!

What Will We Cover?

Topic 1:  Why is Tacit Knowledge a Thorny Problem? 

  • Rationale and cost of knowledge transactions
  • Barriers

Topic 2:  Facilitating a Knowledge Jam with the 3 disciplines 

  • Five steps for the knowledge
  • Facilitation/Elicitation methods
  • Conversation methods
  • Translation methods

Topic 3:  Let’s Jam! 

  • Practicing the five steps
  • Review and individual personal development planning

Topic 4:  Being the “Convener” in your Organization

Meet Your Instructor: Kate Pugh

Kate Pugh, author of Sharing Hidden Know-How (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2011) has been a popular guest speaker for KMI and our CKM students for years.  We are now pleased to announce a Master Class and Certification Program based on Kate's research and methods, successfully utilized at some of the largest organizations in the U.S.

Learn new tips, obtain new tools, and gain a proven methodology for success.  You will leave with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead successful KM initiatives, no mater what your organizational size, structure, or purpose happens to be.

Certification Format: Blended (Online / Live Class)

E-learning (10 hours) + Live Class (2 days), Exam and Certificate 



This class is primarily available as a private class, for 8 or more students, and is occasionally added to the public schedule.

If you are interested in a private class, please contact KMI today.

Thank you!


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