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Delivery: Half-day, Private Class

Private class (half-day) delivery is usually combined with a Certification program or other KM Team-related training.  KM100 and KM101 programs can be delivered the first day (or morning) of a more comprehensive program such as the CKM.


This is the foundational course of the KM100 Series, which is a category of ‘KM Awareness Series’ courses (KM100 and KM101) for all employees/personnel. The KM100 Series provides an introduction to the much more advanced KM courses and certifications for Personal Knowledge Managers (PKM)™.  Executives have their own – KM300 Series courses, which have a more visionary and strategic viewpoint.  KM Team members focus on highly specialized KM400 Series courses.


  • Basic Knowledge and KM Fundamentals
  • Some Important Knowledge-Age Principles
  • Knowledge-Age Imperatives
  • Impact on You Personally and Your Career Going Forward

Who Should Take?

Anyone interested in learning more about KM; this is a finely-tuned focus on present drivers such as disruptive technologies and the impact they will have on human occupations, specifically on your role as a Knowledge Worker in the Knowledge Age.

Why Take KM100?

Do any of the following describe your needs?

  • You would like a quick intro to KM
  • Your organization needs a brief "onboard" training program focused on KM for new and existing employees
  • Your organization is about to commence a KM initiative and you would like to know what’s going on
  • You would like to know what opportunities might be presented

If any or all apply, KM100 is an essential entry point into your future!

What You Will Learn:

  • The KM Imperative - Why KM now?
  • Useful/practical concepts, terms and models
  • The New Knowledge Paradigm - How KM differs from IT
  • The KM Endgame - Where KM is headed
  • How successful application of KM will make a difference in your organization

...And more!

Questions?  Contact us!

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