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KM Showcase 2019 - Beyond the Theory;
Dates, Location and other Details Announced

The annual Conference for Knowledge Management Practitioners across all sectors, will be hosted by the KM Institute and feature Enterprise Knowledge as Premier Sponsor, April 4-5, 2019, at the Westin Arlington, in Arlington,VA (just outside Washington DC).  The event will be very low-cost compared with other major KM events; two full days and up to 24 presentations delivered by leading experts.  

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KMI and Enterprise Knowledge Team Up to Deliver New Certification: 
Agile and Design Thinking

Washington DC - April 2, 2018 - click here for details...

Next Class: Feb 6-7, 2019, Arlington, VA
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KMI Debuts Knowledge Transfer Certification Class

Debut Class: Washington DC, April 10-11
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Next class: Feb 5-7, 2019, Tysons Corner, VA (outside Washington DC).  
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Knowledge Management Matters:  New Book Featuring Wisdom from KM Practitioners published

March 5, 2018 - Edited by John Girard, who holds the Peyton Anderson Endowed Chair at Middle Georgia State University’s School of IT; and JoAnn Girard, the founder and managing partner of Sagology, a firm that focuses on connecting people with people to collaborate, learn, and share knowledge.  Knowledge Management Matters - Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners is a collection of works penned by an amazing and diverse group of thought leaders.  Each of these trailblazers has generously shared their knowledge with a view to helping you and your organization succeed in the knowledge environment.  The tips, tactics, and techniques they suggest are time-tested and proven concepts that will help you achieve your organizational objectives.  Their collective works are based on decades of experiences with real-world organizations.  This is not a book of untested theories that might work, but rather a compilation of genuine words of wisdom from experienced KM practitioners who know knowledge management.

   Knowledge Management Matters starts with a brief overview of the evolution of
   knowledge management.  Building on this historical foundation, we launch a wide-ranging
   exploration of the domain.  Throughout the book are excellent examples of what works,
   what doesn’t, and some thought-provoking teases about the future.  The authors offer
   great advice on a variety of subjects including storytelling, big data, creativity &
   innovation, leading communities, knowledge assets, co-creation, catering for a transient
   workforce and so much more.

   KM Institute's chairman Douglas Weidner is a contributor to the book.  You may download
   his chapter, entitled "Where is KM Going?" here . . . or purchase the full book at any one
                                    of the outlets featured here.   


KM Showcase a Success!

(January 18, 2018 - Washington DC)

The annual "mini-conference" by KMI and featured speakers drew nearly 100 guests; presentations were video-captured for KMI students and subscribers.

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KM Institute Interviews CKM Students on their Experience

(January 2, 2018 - Washington, DC) - As we enter the new year, KM Institute begins our 17th year of offering the flagship Certified Knowledge Manager program.  Well over 8,000 students have now taken our courses globally.  We have expanded our global reach with public and private courses conducted in West Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East, in addition to the United States.  New partnerships are forming in these regions as well as South America and South Africa.

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KM Institute Adds New CKM Instructors to Faculty;
Debuts New Version of Program

(June 6, 2017 – Washington DC) The KM Institute, the global leader in Knowledge Management Certification, has added two new KM expert instructors to its Faculty,
and specifically the acclaimed CKM Program.  These instructors are part of the newly expanded CKMIs (CKM Instructors).

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KM Institute Announces New Online Information Architecture Program

(December 7, 2016 – Washington DC) The KM Institute, the global leader in Knowledge Management Certification, in partnership with AJ Rhem & Associates, a leading KM Consulting and Training firm based in Chicago, has developed a new e-learning program covering Information Architecture.

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KM Institute Delivers Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Program in India and Kuwait, Expands International Footprint

WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- KM Institute (KMI), the global leader in Knowledge Management Certification, is now delivering Certification classes in Bangalore, India and Kuwait, starting this November.

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​KMI's Blog Named to "49 Top Knowledge Management Blogs for CIOs"

August 3, 2016

Docurated has named KM Institute's blog as "one of the top knowledge management blogs for CIOs based on the quality of information, depth of insight, and practical advice that they have to offer. The authors behind our chosen blogs are well-regarded authorities on enhancing knowledge sharing across your company."  

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TOP PRIORITY:  Cabinet approval being sought for national knowledge management system - Cabinet of Barbados

July 7, 2016 - Barbados

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KM Institute Adds New Certifications in Change Management and Transformational Leadership to Curriculum; Debuts Symposium Event, June 27-29, 2016

Feb 25, 2016 - Washington DC 
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KM Institute Adds Social KM (Collaboration and Community Management); Debuts First Class in London, Nov 10-11, 2015

Oct 6, 2015 - Washington DC and London
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KM Institute Adds Information Architecture Certification; Debuts First Class

April 30, 2015 - Washington DC
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100 Gain KM Training in Barbados

February 27, 2015 - Click here for details

KM Institute Teaches Record Number of U.S. Armed Forces in Sixty-Day Period

September 12, 2014 - Click here for details...

KM Institute Partners with Phillips Consulting in Nigeria; Delivers First Joint KM Certification Program in Sub-Saharan Africa

September 12, 2014 - Click here for details...

KM Institute Partners with the KM Association; Offers Discounted Certification/Training to KMA Members

July, 1, 2014 - Click here for details...


KMI Welcomes June Certification Classes

Reston, VA - June 23, 2014.  KM Institute, the global leader in knowledge management certification and training, welcomed over 40 students to its Certification and Master classes this week.  June 2014 classes mark the launch of KMI's newest offerings, Master Classes and Certifications in Business Taxonomy Design and Knowledge Capture and Transfer techniques.

Instructors include renowned experts, Douglas Weidner, Chairman of KMI, Zachary Wahl, CEO of Enterprise Knowledge, and Dr. Katrina Pugh, President of Align Consulting and Professor at Columbia University.  Special guest instructor, Howard Cohen of Booz Allen Hamilton, presented a breakout session on Personal KM focused on using a mind mapping tool for visualizing collaboration patterns.

KMI will add Master and Certification classes in the areas of Innovation, KM Leadership, and Information Architecture to the lineup of offerings during the week of September 15-19.

Students have the option of a two-day Master Class, or a four-day Certification class.  Alumni already holding a CKP or CKM through KMI may opt for a two-day class leading to an additional Certification.  Details here:

Complete schedule of classes available here:


"KM Solutions Showcase" Conference & Expo - a Success

March 27, 2014 - Over 130 guests joined KMI and acclaimed Guest Speakers at the Westin Arlington in Arlington, VA, for a one-day event featuring two tracks: "KM Methods" and "Change Management."


KM Institute Chairman Douglas Weidner, to be Featured Speaker at "KM Middle East 2014" - the new premiere conference in Dubai

January 10, 2014 - Click here for more...

KM Institute made AnswerHub's list of 8 LinkedIn Groups to Help Make You a Better Knowledge Manager

October 29, 2013 - Click here for more. . .

KM Institute Partners with Swedish Firm Comintelli to Enhance Certification Content and Grow new Tech Showcase for Members

Oct 25, 2013 - Click here for more...

KM Institute Adds Consulting; New "Certified Knowledge Specialist" Designation

Oct 23, 2013 - Click here for more...

KM Institute Partners with Acclaimed Taxonomy Expert Zach Wahl and Enterprise Knowledge...

Oct 14, 2013 - Click here for more...

KM Solutions Showcase™ a Success!

September 13, 2013 - KM Institute just wrapped up a two-day “KM Solutions Showcase” –  our team enjoyed meeting many new friends who came hungry to learn and make connections!  We received much positive feedback on each session, and many asked, “When are you going to do this again?”
We hope to make this a regular event, and welcome your input on topics, speakers and sponsors.

Check out a bit of video footage here on YouTube.

Topics Covered:

  • Knowledge Continuity
  • Taxonomy for Business
  • Knowledge Jam Workshop
  • Analytics and Exec Leadership
  • Storytelling for Success
  • Info Architecture for KM
  • Successful KM Implementation in Practice
  • KM Transformation Solution™ - KM Methodology and Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM)™
  • Business Architecture and the KM Linkage
Here’s a smattering of comments we received – both written and verbal:
  • Excellent sessions – good interaction and worthwhile (valuable) take back to office information and ideas.
  • Great conference folks. Graham, I enjoyed your presentation and thanks for the conversation and book recommendations afterward during the social hour.
  • I really enjoyed the KM Solutions Conference and I came back to my organization with some insightful solutions.
  • I had the pleasure of attending the showcase and wanted to thank you and the KM Institute for hosting the event and for providing the opportunity for military personnel to attend at no cost.  I found the sessions very informative and the presenters to be very engaging and look forward to attending events in the future.

Zach Wahl – Taxonomy Workshop:

  • Best presentation on taxonomy I have ever heard!  Well done!
  • This was one of the best and most substantive courses I have ever gotten in KM.  It was great and so helpful.  I can actually take this back to my place of employment and use it!  Not academic but actual!
  • I learned so much that is applicable to my position and career.

James Pfautz – Human Capital Analytics:

  • I think the topic was great and it is vital to the success of KM Programs.

Douglas Weidner – KM Transformation Solution:

  • Even though I joined a class in progress, the content and delivery made it very easy to grasp key concepts.. So much so that I want to take the full course!

Gil Laware – Business Architecture:

  • Excellent… need more time for this – probably a whole day.
If you weren't able to join us this time, stay in touch and we'll let you know when the next Showcase will be held!
Want to connect with our trainers?  Several are available for consulting engagements on their specialty areas - contact us at and let us know your interests.  We will be happy to set something up!

KM Institute Welcomes Record Number to Latest Class

July 22, 2013 - Washington, DC

Despite US Government sequestration, furloughs and other budget woes, KM Institute, the Washington, DC-based global leader in KM training and certification, this week welcomed its largest class ever to its five-day Certified Knowledge Manager program.  In fact, the company had to establish a waiting list several weeks ahead of time, and defer some students' attendance to their fall programs.

Says Douglas Weidner, Chairman and Chief Instructor, "Others may say 'KM is dead,' but we are happy to report that there remains a high demand for our training.  Not just in the public sector where we have been dominant throughout our history, but in a number of private sector firms as well as leading non-governmental organizations."

This week's class includes attendees from all parts of the U.S., and from the nations of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, India, Guatemala and Haiti.

Firms represented include:  the U.S. Government and Military, Booz Allen Hamilton, The World Bank, The Red Cross, The Inter-American Development Bank, Compassion International, ExxonMobil, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, GIZ, Cempro, LMI Consulting, The United Nations Development Program, Medtronic, WBB Inc. Consultants, The Saudi Government, and Empire State University of NY.

All attendees will complete the newly revised Certified Knowledge Practitioner or Manager courses, enhanced by online e-learning and new content derived from the latest in workplace learning and KM research.  They will hear from guest instructors who are current KM practitioners, participate in practical exercises to build their own personal KM Portfolios -- knowledge they will take back and begin to apply immediately in their respective workplaces, and use to train their teams.

Prior to the week-long program, each class member joined the KMI Knowledge Hub for pre-class orientation. They will enjoy ongoing membership in the Hub, which will be continuously updated with new premium content -- videotaped lectures from future sessions, new research and the students' own contributions. 

For more information on all of KM Institute's public, private and online training options, please contact KMI at:  1-866-360-4564 or by email -


KM Institute Adds New Social KM Platform for Certification Students

(June 14, 2013 – Toronto, ON)  The KM Institute (KMI), the leading Certification provider for Knowledge Management Professionals, in conjunction with partner Knowledge Smart Designs (KSD), a Toronto-based firm that has developed an innovative transformation engine for business, has launched a new Social KM tool for its students: "Knowledge Rooms."

KMI students will benefit by using this new platform for social collaboration and continued learning; KMI calls it the "Student Hub."

"We are excited to partner with KSD's Team and give our students an even more robust learning experience," says Douglas Weidner, Chairman of KMI.  "Our students now have a social platform to share and engage fellow students world-wide, and the benefits go much deeper than you get from a LinkedIn Group.

KSD is meeting the needs every organization
must face," Weidner adds, "to collaborate more effectively, which drives innovation and improved performance, and they do it all in an attractive user experience."

"Harnessing the energy and ingenuity of your team is key to adapting to change," says KSD's Founder, Graham Westwood.  "Embedding KMI's powerful educational tools into the collaborative environment will help organizations build capability and capacity on the fly.

Drowning people in information while starving them for knowledge is never a good strategy," adds Westwood.  "The integration of process, knowledge and change management with KMI's educational component is a breakthrough strategy."

Weidner adds: "Continuous learning and enrichment, plus social connections with peers and experts, makes this a very unique, value-added experience not found anywhere else in KM training."

KMI's Student Hub will be the "Go to" location for:

  • Continuous Learning – via "Hot Topics" Training Videos
  • Connect and Collect – share and network with fellow students world-wide
  • Visibility – post blogs and articles or learn from others; comment on postings
  • New Content – leverage new content/enhancements to the Certification program

For more information on KSD's "Knowledge Rooms" and other solutions, please call: 416-518-0806, or email:

For more information on KMI or how they are using the "Student Hub" for Certification students, please contact KMI: 866-360-IKMI (4564), or email:


New Washington DC Chapter of the KM Association Announced

(June 5, 2013 - Washington DC)  The new KM Association ("KMA") has announced the Washington DC Area Chapter.  

KMA, endorsed by the KM Institute as the "Best Association for Knowledge Management Professionals," and the fastest-growing, reached a major milestone in it's global membership by adding a new Chapter for the Washington DC area.  
With the U.S. Federal Government and DoD centrally located in the DC area, and thousands of vendors supporting their KM needs, many feel the DC area is a hot-bed for KM activity, and a local chapter is a 'must-have' for local practitioners to gather and network.
"KM practitioners in the DC area are excited to become an official chapter of KMA," says John Hovell, DC Chapter Board Member and Sr. Manager at BAE Systems.  "KMA presents the opportunity to not only meet locally in the DC area, but also be part of a larger opportunity to bring KM professionals together."
“We are very pleased and excited to support the DC Chapter as our newest addition to our KMA Chapter base," says William Linn, KMA President. "We have a number of talented and energetic members in the DC Chapter who have and are continuing to contribute to KM collaborations.
We feel this new chapter adds a key region that will benefit the KM community for
years to come.”

For more information on the KM Association, please visit:


KM Institute Chairman Douglas Weidner Appointed to Kent State University's Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Advisory Board

(April 25, 2013 - Washington DC)

Douglas Weidner is KMI's Chairman and Chief Instructor, and an Advisor to the new KM Education Forum (KMEF) launched by Kent State and George Washington University. 

Go here for more on the KMEF...

Press Release

KM Institute Endorses New Association for Knowledge Management Professionals

(March 28, 2013 Washington DC) – KM Institute announces its official endorsement of the Knowledge Management Association (KMA).  The KMA is a brand new association for KM Professionals, with local chapters, networking opportunities and communities of interest.
“We are excited about our new alliance with the KMA,” says Douglas Weidner, KM Institute Chairman. “Our students seek professional bodies to help boost their career, and this ties in directly with their post-Grad success.”
“The KMA is pleased to have the KM Institute as a trusted advisor.  The KM Institute has positively impacted the KM profession through their education efforts and continued focus on KM growth.  Through such affiliations the KMA can further its goal of creating a collaborative community supporting knowledge management professionals.” Dr. Brian M. Chopp, KMA Membership Director  
Weidner adds: “The KM Profession needs an association like this.  It’s nice to give our students a place to go where they can be a leader in their local KM community, and when you have more of these communities interconnected, we believe it strengthens the KM Profession as a whole.”
The KMA Board includes several former students of the KM Institute as well as some chapter leaders who first joined the KM Institute.  KM Institute plans to encourage all its Certification Grads as well as new students and members to join the KMA.
KM Professionals can join the KMA for a low annual fee of $50 for “Professional” membership, and just $25 for college students.  Chapter leadership opportunities are available; if there is not a KMA chapter in your hometown, KMA provides the resources to form a new chapter.
Learn more by visiting:

Press Release

Global Knowledge Management Certification Provider, KM Institute, Launches New Website

Summary: KM Institute announces the launch of its new website, devoted to Knowledge Management training, certification, and the official KM Body of Knowledge.

Nov 29, 2012 (Washington, D.C.) -- KM Institute announces the launch of its new website at The website features information about the company’s leading global Knowledge Management (KM) certification and training solutions, and is home to KM Institute’s official KM Body of Knowledge (KMBOK™).

Knowledge Management comprises a range of strategies and practices designed to harness an organization’s combined knowledge and lessons learned. Organizations adopt KM to drive efficiency, profitability, and innovation. Individuals with KM certification and training may be qualified to lead or participate in these KM initiatives.

The new KM Institute website is designed to highlight the transformational power of Knowledge Management, with information for individuals, enterprises, and military personnel.  Individuals can discover the benefits of KM and compare live and e-learning options for certification and training.  Enterprise learning managers can access information on KM training for the enterprise, including the KM Institute’s acclaimed CKP/CKM Certification and other tailored training opportunities. Military agencies and commands can learn about KM Institute’s recognized, trusted, and endorsed KM training and certification programs.

The website also features a wealth of KM resources, including access to the official KMBOK, a collection of resources for KM Institute students and practitioners.  As part of the website launch, KM Institute also introduced a new KM blog, covering topics relevant to KM certification, training, trends, and best practices.  Also available on the website is a library of video content covering a wide range of KM topics.  Upcoming KM events are also available via an interactive events calendar, accessible from the website.

KM Institute has trained, certified, and advised leaders in KM for nearly every U.S. governmental agency and all major U.S. military organizations, as well as over 1,000 commercial firms and agencies. Nearly 5,000 graduates have earned Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) status from KM Institute and the company is endorsed by leading universities worldwide.

KM certification and training courses are available online and in person through, with many customized solutions tailored towards the needs of organizations and individuals.  Live workshops, e-training, and seminars are all available for personal, enterprise, or military organizations.  Scalable levels of training and certification are fashioned toward the requirements of participants, and continuing education and connection to the KM community at large is a pillar of the KM Institute.

Learn more by visiting

Eric Weidner, CKM
Director of Business Development
O:   703-327-7096
M:  703-899-2286


Headline: New Bonus Material added to CKM/eCKM Programs!

KM Institute Certification - Global Leader, Best Value, Blended Learning And Now - more "Take-aways" than ever before...

Though the KM Institute "Certified Knowledge Manager" is the most widely recognized in the world, we have never stopped adding value to your student experience.

Beyond the comprehensive 5-day workshop, the Certification program now includes a multi-phased learning experience, combining live classroom instruction with the latest in e-learning.

What has been added?

  • eCKM (Online Certification) - gain access to the complete eCKM for one full year post-class (US$1,995 value). Leverage edited class videos/interactivity to enhance your learning 24/7 - all at your desktop. Features: instructor video, animation and interactivity. DVDs distributed in class.
  • Hot Topics - enjoy new video presentations on emerging KM trends, available exclusively to KMI students. Leading experts, new insights, convenience. New videos recently added, including expert insights on Change Management, Knowledge Continuity, and Business Taxonomy.

The result?

More take-aways and more "bang for your buck", and, as part of our commitment to your post-Grad success, more reasons to keep learning and networking with KMI and your peers.

For more information on the KM Institute CKM Program, including a full course outline, please email:, or call: (US) 866-360-IKMI (4564).

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