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KMI's Hybrid Learning Program

Globally recognized Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) program now available in several languages

Hybrid KM Learning™ is a blend of in-class lectures and team workshop exercises in your own language (virtual or F2F), but enriched by the KM Body of Knowledge (KMBOK™) content in English, which you can study at your own pace.  

This KM learning innovation makes the Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) available to you, even if you have limited English-as-a-second language skills.

Further, HYBRID KM Learning enables you to get heavily involved and real benefit from the new KM PRACTICUM™ activities, because they are in your native language.  Having nominal English language skills is not a deterrent to CKM mastery

The new HYBRID CKM simply requires you to have the ability to study the support materials (KMBOK™) in English – but at your own pace. All the workshop lectures and intensive exercises that focus on the most critical activities for KM mastery and organizational performance, health and sustainability will be in your native language.

Check our course calendar for HYBRID KM Learning in your language.

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