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KM/OD/D&I Global Bridging Event

Welcome to the KM/OD/D&I Global Bridging Event!

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May 23-24, 2022, Noon to Noon, GMT

John Hovell, Birgit Suberg, and Patrick Burkhalter are planning a 24-hour global event, attempting to bridge conversations across multiple cultures and three disciplines. What this means is we are (ambitiously) aiming to bridge: Knowledge Management (KM), Organization Development (OD), and Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI); across culturally lived experiences of east, west, north, and south regions of our globe; while making this inclusive for students, early-career, mid-career, late-career, and retirees all at the same time! What an opportunity to innovate, learn, practice, and just plain connect with each other!

The event will start 23 May at noon GMT and span the waking hours around the world through a succession of hosts and conversations, ending a day later at noon GMT on 24 May!

You're receiving this note as we’d love your support in helping us prepare for this event. Here’s 3 areas where we’d love to hear from you:

o    1 - I’d like to support the overall event.

This is similar to being “across multiple hours of the event” or “behind the scenes”. It could include things such as supporting technology (zoom, miro, etc.), graphics, emceeing for multiple hours, being part of the 'support crew', etc.

o    2 - I’d love to host an interactive session that intends to “bridge across...” [and please indicate what].

This means leading / hosting / facilitating an hour (or more?) timeslot. Ideally using zero powerpoint, we are aiming more towards facilitating a conversation or an interactive session than a lecture. Also, the preference is for you to host as yourself based on your interest (regardless of your perceived level of 'expertise') - and, more importantly, not as your corporate title or online professionally pitched version!

o    3 - I have an idea for a session/topic/experience that I’d like to attend but not necessarily lead / host / facilitate.

This is simply proposing an idea or a question that you think aligns with the overall intention of this marathon bridging across disciplines, life/career phases, and / or regions of the globe.

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