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Implement KM Institute's acclaimed training programs in all levels of your organization, and get on the path to Organizational Certification. 

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Now you have the opportunity to acquire KM Team and Organizational Certification, awarded by The KM Institute.  Elevate your corporation's standing among its peers and competitors.  Show the world how your personnel have embraced KM!


    Certified KM Team

     Certified KM Team Tier Certification is awarded upon successful completion KM Maturity Levels 1 and 2 (the "Initial" and "Aware" levels), derived from the
    KM Transformation Solution.


  • Silver Tier Certification

     Silver Tier Certification is achieved when the organization has demonstrated progress through Levels 3 and 4, the "Imperative" and "Invest" levels.  

  • Gold Tier Certification

     Gold Tier Certification is awarded when the organization shows tangible results and ongoing continuity of KM operations,
    through KMTS Level 5.  

  • Platinum Tier Certification

     To reach Platinum Tier status, your company or agency must show that 'Learning Organization' characteristics have been ingrained into the corporate culture, Level 6 in the KMTS cycle.


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