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Press Release: KM Institute Adds Consulting; New Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS)


KM Institute Adds Consulting Services, Launches New “Certified Knowledge Specialist” Designation

(Washington DC, Oct 23, 2013) KM Institute, the global leader in Knowledge Management Certification and Training, announced today it is adding a new consulting arm to its existing Training services.
The move further strengthens KM Institute’s position in the marketplace and expands its services to go beyond traditional training.
“Many of our students require specialized training or consulting in a variety of KM topics,” says Eric Weidner, Director of Business Development.  “Whether it's Taxonomy, Change Management, or other hot topics, KMI now acts as a connecting agent and bridges the gap between learning and doing.”
Several experts on the Consulting Team are co-developing a new level of Certification focusing on specialized KM training, called the Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS).  The CKS fits nicely between the Certified Knowledge Practitioner and Manager programs respectively. 
Zach Wahl, acclaimed Taxonomy expert, is among the first consultants to deliver new training programs under his specialty, the CKS – Taxonomy.  First class is planned for Feb 3-6, 2014, in Reston, VA. Wahl and KMI also deliver a 2-day Taxonomy Master Class, in both public and private formats.
“At the root of it all,” adds Weidner, “was the need to connect the expert to the student.  KMI provides the venue to bring our audience to the experts who can help them; as Guest Speaker in a Certification class for example, or as a Presenter at events like the KM Solutions Showcase™- KMI can now make these connections possible.”
KMI plans to roll out several new programs in early 2014; CKS designations for Knowledge Capture and Retention, Info Architecture, Business Architecture, plus others.
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KM Institute is the global leader in KM Certification/Training, with thousands certified since 2001 and classes delivered in up 15 countries each year.  KM Institute trains and certifies KM Team Members and Knowledge Workers in the methods and tools that enable individuals and organizations to transform (and substantially improve) human performance in the Knowledge Age.
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