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Private Classes / Custom Engagements

Let us come to you!  For a minimum of 10 students (North America) and 12 students internationally, KMI can deliver a private CKM class at your location or nearby hotel.

   Private class customers enjoy an immersive
   learning experience with an on-site expert who
   is ready to be your team’s personal mentor for
   the week.

    Click here for a short video! 

You will also get a dedicated rep to help guide you through your team’s journey with KMI; including a “Discovery” call to learn more about your organization’s unique needs, which helps us build the right training package for you.


  • We come to you!
  • Save on travel
  • The Team learns together
  • Focus on your team's hot-button issues
  • Low cost per student

Custom Approach

What does your team need?  Maybe just a few key people need Certification-level training, while others need an introduction.  Let us design a training program that's right for your team.

KMI will build a custom program that addresses the needs of the entire department and even your organization, based on your staff's involvement in KM.

For questions, or to learn more about our private Certification classes, please contact KMI today…


Ph: 866-360-IKMI (4564)

How to Contact Us

1414 Wynhurst Lane, Suite 300, 
Vienna, VA 22182 (USA)

Phone:         (US) 1-866-360-IKMI (4564)
Outside US:  +1-757-595-5658

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