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Welcome to the #1 Certification for Knowledge Managers Worldwide.  Virtual Classes are Filling up Now.


The "CKM" is the Flagship Certification from the KM Institute; the top choice for Practitioners, Leaders and Managers of KM Initiatives.  Whether public or private sector, large or small – the CKM is the international standard for all KM Professionals. Includes a proven methodology, plus the methods and techniques necessary
for success.

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(CKM Virtual Classes)

Europe:  May 28-31, click here...
North America: June 24-28, click here...
Europe:  July 22-25, click here...
North America: July 22-26, click here...

Update: the May 20-24 North American CKM Class is now full.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Please ask for the June 24-28 or July 22-26 class - thank you!

Email for a no-obligation quote.
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Virtual Classes are delivered live on Zoom.  

North American classes are 5 days and European
and Gulf/EMEA classes are 4 days (slightly condensed). 
All classes include the eCKM self-paced program to complement your learning.  

Who Should Attend

The CKM is designed for those tasked to start or improve KM initiatives; anyone interested in gaining a solid grasp of common KM principles with actual "hands-on" experience performing KM.  Whether you are new to KM or advanced, anyone can start!

CKM Graduates range from newcomers to seasoned practitioners, including
(but not limited to):

  • Knowledge Managers
  • Content Managers 
  • Intranet / Database Mgrs
  • Records Management
  • Librarian Professionals
  • Learning and Development 
  • SharePoint (or proprietary CM) Admin
  • Organization Development Mgrs
  • Program / Project Managers
  • Quality Managers

Learn to...

  • Perform KM using proven tips/tools anyone can use!
  • Build Collaborative Environments; better communication, spark innovation
  • Transform your organization into a rapid-learning environment
  • Develop innovative ways to do Knowledge Mapping
  • Create the KM Vision for your company, including a solid strategy to get there
  • Initiate with your peers successful Communities of Practice
  • Discover usable, real-world KM principles and keys to success

Regardless of your organization's size, structure or purpose, we provide you with the knowledge and skills to lead successful, real-world KM initiatives.  No prior KM experience needed.  

Need to Convince your Boss or Management?

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How to Earn your Certification

  • Study-ahead, Pre-Class e-Learning Modules - All KMI CKM students gain access to the KM Institute LMS for a review of the CKM program content.  Students will study the first few e-modules from the self-paced CKM e-learning program (free as part of your package).  This content is optional and not required for your CKM Certification.
  • Attend the CKM Virtual Sessions - Now available in 5 and 4-day options (+ E-learning) where you participate in live, practical exercises and "hands-on KM."  Now offered in multiple time zones - click on our calendar of events and choose the location and dates best suited for you.  Private workshops are available for groups - see info below.
  • Complete the Online Post-Class Testing - Done entirely online, so you do not have to travel to a testing site. There are no additional fees, and, your Certificate is ready to print immediately after you pass. A score of greater than 70% is necessary to pass, and you may retake the test - no charge. Testing is part of your Certification package and there are no additional fees. 

Feedback from the Students...

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  About their Experience...
  "I'm leaving very confident; very empowered..."

  Course Take-aways...
  "I definitely got what I needed..."

Student interviews conducted after a recent CKM Class in the Washington DC area.

Further Enrichment:  E-Learning Package PLUS The "Knowledge Hub"

  Your KM learning doesn't stop when you achieve Certification.  As an added bonus,
  all Certification students receive the complete eCKM (e-learning) program, plus a
  free membership in the KMI Knowledge Hub.

  The K Hub is your "go to" location for Continuous Learning and New Enhancements
  to the training program.  Each month, KMI loads a new instructional video - presentations delivered by SMEs on special topics relevant to KM practitioners - and, you'll be the first to know when new/premium offerings are available! 

No expiration for these services, and free, as part of your package.

Group or Private Class? 

Let us come to you!  For a minimum of 10 students, KMI can deliver a private Virtual CKM class for your team.


  • A custom, virtual learning experience
  • The Team learns together
  • Focus on your organization's hot-button issues
  • Lower cost per student

Please contact KMI for special rates/availability.  


Contact us or Call: (US) 703-327-7096

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