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Social KM Certification - Online for New Students

Format: Online, for New Students - Welcome!


Learn Social KM Methods; Foster Enterprise Collaboration and Community Management.


It is a well-researched fact that 80% of what we know about our jobs
is in our heads and only 20% of that knowledge is codified in any form. 
This is the specific challenge that Social KM seeks to address.
What is Social KM?

Social KM provides the means and the context for people to easily share at speed what they know and like, to
locate expertise and to grow the company knowledge base in an natural, organic way that delivers far greater
value and meaning than traditional databases and folder structures.

Put another way, Social KM is like an ubiquitous ‘water cooler’ moment, a place where people and ideas meet independent of location or job role but driven by defined business objectives.

And the big win on offer? The creation of a living, breathing company ‘playbook’ that exists independently of the people who have contributed to it.

Today there is an increasing business imperative to deliver Social KM and its attendant Collaboration Culture in organizations globally.


Ideal for anyone tasked to lead or refresh a Collaboration strategy. 

  • Grow.  If you and your team need to grow in the field of Social Business, or Collaboration and Community Management, this is the course for you.
  • Learn.  How to take the lead in building a Social KM culture through immersive training from a global expert.
  • Lead.  A new collaborative culture in your workforce!
  • Participate.  Attendees range from line of business users to HR leaders, IT experts, and from newcomers to seasoned practitioners, project managers to CKOs, public/private sectors, and just about everyone in-between.

What You Will Learn

  • The implications social KM has on your organization in terms of collaboration, transparency and business wins
  • How to create a collaboration culture and change mindsets; who to get on board and how 
  • Understand the importance of the community manager to gain and sustain user adoption
  • How to develop and deploy a strategy to create and manage your own community platform based on your specific company's DNA 

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Meet Your Instructor - Rooven Pakkiri

  A veteran of the era, Rooven Pakkiri is a digital evangelist who focuses on the
  way technology changes organisational communication and collaboration.  He is an author
  and regular speaker on the subject of Social Business and how it is transforming the corp-
  orate rule book.  Rooven is also the co - founder of a regular thought leadership event in
  London where independent thinkers discuss issues of user adoption and cultural transformation.

As an independent consultant, Rooven is responsible for developing client specific adoption strategies and immersion programs. As part of this process Rooven employs a number of techniques from scenario modeling, content seeding, champion identification and community development. 

Watch and listen to Mr. Pakkiri discuss Social KM and give more insights on what's delivered in the class...


For more about Rooven, including videos and interviews, please click here...


E-Learning (self-paced, 20 hours), Exam and Certificate
Students take the KMI "Foundation" course online, plus the online Social KM Master Course.  Designation: CKS - Social KM


Combines KMI's online "Foundation" course (KM401) with the online Master Course in Social KM.  Online package includes Exam and Certificate (students may take the Exam as many times as necessary to pass - no extra charge), plus access to the KMI "Knowledge Hub" and other online communities - exclusively for Certification students.
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Standard Rate - US$1995.00

Government/Military and Non-Profit Rate - US$1795.00

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