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KM101 - Knowledge Age Essentials

Available as a live, private class

1-Day Program


  • Strategic justification and tactics for KM
  • Crucial Knowledge-intensive activities
  • Introduction to a proven methodology that can be started at the grass-roots level
  • "No-Budget KM" and more

Who Should Take?

Anyone interested in learning more about KM; a robust introduction perfect for entry-level Knowledge Coordinators in any startup or emerging learning organization.

Why Take KM101?

Do any of the following fit you or your organization?

  • You need a quick intro to KM
  • You are about to start a KM initiative
  • Your initial KM investment faltered and now you need a jumpstart
  • You need to explore (and justify) that practicing KM methods is the right path to take
  • Your organization is at the brink of a Change Management initiative

If any or all apply, KM101 is the right path for you!

What you Will Learn:

  • The KM Imperative - Why KM now?
  • Useful/practical concepts, terms and models
  • The New Knowledge Paradigm - How KM differs from IT
  • The KM Endgame - Where KM is headed
  • How successful application of KM will make a difference in your organization

...And much more!

Format:  7-hour Self-Paced Online Course*

  • Includes online access via KMI's LMS and follow-along workbook
  • A powerful seminar that demonstrates the impact and many benefits of KM
  • The fundamentals of doing KM right
  • And most importantly, how to Get Started

Available in workshop format for delivery on-site at your location. 
Contact: for details.


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