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The KM300 Executive Awareness Series, is a category of courses (KM300, KM301, etc) for all executives. The KM300 Series provides a progressively more rigorous strategic introduction to Executives, depending on length chosen. These focused courses have a more visionary and strategic viewpoint than traditional Knowledge Worker Awareness. They address the requisite transformation going forward, as the world transforms into the Knowledge Age.

This specific, customizable face-to-face (F2F) KM300 - # workshop is available in varying lengths, where # is the number of equivalent contact hrs.  KM300 - # is the most basic, shorter foundational course of the KM300 Series. The more rigorous course is the full-day KM301-8.

The KM300 Series is the executive briefing component of a complete KM Awareness offering, including the KM100 Series and the much more advanced KM courses and certifications (KM200 Series) for Personal Knowledge Managers (PKM)™.  Meanwhile, KM Team members focus on the highly specialized KM400 Series of KM implementation courses.

Regardless of KM300 - # length (1, 2 or 4 hours), all length variations have the same purpose and learning objectives. Executive Briefing duration determines the depth of coverage and amount of interaction.

  • The Essence of the Knowledge Age Transformation
  • Implications for all Organizations in the Knowledge-Age, especially human occupations
  • Knowledge-Age Imperatives (Sense of Urgency)
  • Resultant Impact on Your own Strategies Going Forward 

Who Should Take

All executives interested in learning more about KM, especially in anticipation of their annual strategic planning process. This is a finely-tuned focus on present drivers-- such as disruptive technologies, the impact they will have on human occupations and organizational performance and excellence, and specifically, on your leadership role as an executive in the Knowledge Age. 

Why Take the KM300 Series?

Do any of the following fit your Executive Team and your KM Awareness Plans?

  • You want them to have a quick intro to the emerging concept of the Knowledge Age (Economy, Society, …)
  • They need to understand if there is a specific discipline that can get you there?
  • They need an introduction to that discipline - Knowledge Management
  • They need to know whether Knowledge Management is evidence-based and proven, or just another fad

If any or all apply, the KM300 Series is an essential primer for your executives and change leadership team’s responsibilities!

What your Executives Will Learn:

  • Proof of the Knowledge-Age Transformation already underway – need for urgency
  • How successful application of KM will make a substantive difference in your maturing ‘Learning Organization’
  • Why organizational transformation is an imperative – overcome complacency
  • What needs to be done to be truly successful – KM Transformation Solution™

...And much more!

Delivery Format: In-House, Face to Face and Self-Paced Online Courses

  • Face-to Face: The F2F Executive Briefing’s length and depth depends on option selected, including various lengths from one to four hours (KM300-1, KM300-2 or KM300-4).  For a deeper dive into KM fundamentals via workshop mode, see KM301–8. The Face-to Face workshop includes a follow-along workbook.
  • Self-Paced E-Learning: The KM300 Series is available in online mode as well. The self-paced online course, eKM300-2, is essentially the same as the two-hour version of KM300-2. For a deeper dive into KM fundamentals via online mode, see eKM301–8. The Online access includes DVD and follow-along workbook.
  • All KM300 Series courses are personal executive enrichment electives, not KM Certification Programs.

The KM300 Series is available in workshop format for delivery on-site at your location. It is often included with custom, private certification workshops for KM Team members. eKM300-2 (duration two hrs.) is also available for in-house groups in self-paced, e-learning format.  

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