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KM Awareness Series

Learn proven KM methods/principles to improve your performance!

Do any of the following fit you or your organization?

  • You need a quick intro to KM
  • You are about to start a KM initiative
  • Your initial KM investment faltered and now you need a jumpstart
  • You need to explore (and justify) that practicing KM methods is the right path to take
  • Your organization is at the brink of a Change Management initiative

If any or all apply, KM Institute's Awareness Series is the right path for you!

  • Are you a knowledge worker needing a quick KM primer?  Take a look at the "KM in 90 Minutes" program.
  • Need a more robust understanding of KM and why it's needed?  Then "KM101 - Go Live!" is for you.
  • Want to convince your boss, share the vision, rationale and imperative for KM?  Consider scheduling an Executive Briefing - tailored to your organization's specific needs - contact us for more info!

KM Institute's Awareness Series will help you and your team:

  •     Stay ahead of the curve - prepare for the speedbumps!
  •     Leverage Knowledge as a competitive advantage
  •     Better accomplish mission critical objectives
  •     Thrive in today's knowledge economy

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CKM Public Class - Gulf Region

July 12-15, GMT+3 (Gulf Standard)

CKM Public Class - Europe

July 19-22, GMT

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