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Become a Taxonomy Master through Immersive Training from a Global Expert on Taxonomy Design

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In today's information systems, an organization's business users
are more active than ever in the creation, publication, identification,
and consumption of information.  Though this democratization of
content management holds a great deal of power and opportunity
for an organization, it also presents a challenge.

As more content gets added, search and browse - overall information
findability - can suffer.  A well-designed business taxonomy can 
address these issues.


Three Training Options: Master Class, Full CKS Certification, E-Learning

   1. Master Class - students wishing to take a deep dive into Taxonomy Design who may or may not
   be interested in Certification.  The 2-day Master Class earns credit toward CKS Certification should
   you choose to get Certified at a later date.

  2. Certification in Taxonomy Design - students wishing to earn Certification can do so by taking
  the KMI "KM Foundation" course online, plus the 2-day Taxonomy Design Master class.  Note: past
  Grads (CKP/CKM) can bypass the "Foundation" course and take just the Master Class and exam.  
              ..Full designation: CKS-Taxonomy. 

 3. CKS-Taxonomy Certification via Self-paced E-Learning - from your desktop! (Asynchronous)
 Full designation: CKS-Taxonomy

See below for details on your options.  "CKS" = Certified Knowledge Specialist (in a KM topic).

Meet your Instructor - Zach Wahl

  Zach Wahl, President and CEO of Enterprise Knowledge, LLC.  Enterprise Knowledge
  is a consulting firm serving both the public and private sectors, dedicated to providing
  unmatched consulting services in the areas of knowledge and information management. 
  Its core service offerings focus on Information Management Strategy, Taxonomy, Design
  and Development, Information Governance Development and Management, and
  Systems Design, Implementation, and Operations.

For more about Mr. Wahl, please click here...

The Rationale

Taxonomies can improve the findability of information, improving search and browse as well as the broader user experience.  A business taxonomy can also lead to the discovery of content users weren’t aware of, thereby revealing efficiencies that would have otherwise gone unrealized.
Most organizations are not equipped with the knowledge or experience to successfully design and implement business taxonomies. The Taxonomy Master Class will arm your organization with the knowledge to move forward addressing this critical knowledge management challenge.

Who Should Attend?

Ideal for anyone tasked to lead or refresh a taxonomy, or anyone who will be managing a content management effort where taxonomy will play a part.

Taxonomy Master participants range from business user to IT experts, and from newcomers to seasoned practitioners, project managers to CKOs, public/private sectors, and just about everyone in-between.

Learn To…

Communicate the concepts of taxonomy and metadata in both business and technical terms
Educate your organization on the value and potential returns on investment of proper taxonomy design
Facilitate taxonomy design workshops for your own organization
Manage a taxonomy design project, from start to finish, for your organization
Sustain your taxonomies, ensuring they evolve in an effective manner to support the business

In short, you will gain the necessary knowledge to lead your company or agency on the right path. Are you ready to get started?


Training Formats: Private Class Options or Online Learning

1.  Master Class (2 Days)

Audience: New students wishing to take the Master Class but may not be interested in Certification.  The 2-Day Master Class earns credit toward CKS Certification should you choose to get Certified at a later date.
Tuition:  $1,495 standard rate per student.  

For private class pricing, please contact KMI.

2a. CKS - Taxonomy Design - for New Students

Audience:  Students new to KM Institute, not previously Certified, who wish to earn the CKS designation
Part One:  Study the "KM401" course online, taught by KMI Chairman Douglas Weidner.
           ....    Choose: either the Two-Day Live Workshop or Online (asynchronous).
Part Two:  Attend the Taxonomy Design Master class, taught by Zach Wahl.
Post-Class:  Take an online Certification exam covering content from both KM401 and the Taxonomy Design
.......................Master Class.
Certification: Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the "CKS" designation.
Tuition:  $2,695 standard rate per person.

For private class pricing, please contact KMI.

2b.  CKS - Taxonomy Design - for Past Grads

Audience:  Students *already* Certified with KMI - either CKP or CKM, who wish to earn the additional
       ...         CKS designation.
Two-Day Workshop:  Attend the Taxonomy Design Master class, taught by Zach Wahl.
Post-Class:  Take an online Certification exam covering content of the two-day Master Class.
Certification:  Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the "CKS" designation.
Tuition:  $1,795 standard rate per person.

For private class pricing, please contact KMI.

3.  The Online/E-learning Version of the CKS for Taxonomy  


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Combines KMI's online "Foundation" course (KM401) with the online Master Class in Taxonomy Design.  Online package includes Exam and Certificate (students may take the Exam as many times as necessary to pass - no extra charge), plus access to the KMI "Knowledge Hub" and other online communities - exclusively for Certification students.
Standard Rate - US$1995.00

Government/Military and Non-Profit Rate - US$1795.00


Private classes can be delivered anywhere in the world for a minimum of 10 students.  Please allow up to one month for scheduling; International may require more lead time. 

Contact KMI for details.

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