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Innovation and KM Master Class

Learn Innovation Methods and Practices for a Stronger KM Practice

Our world is constantly being re-created by innovation.  In fact, the pace has become so intense that 8 in 10 organizations don’t survive longer than
a few cycles of innovation, dying after only a few fitful decades.  However, companies who have effectively structured and formalized their approach
to innovation, reap tremendous rewards.  How was this accomplished?

In this master class, you will learn new tips, obtain new tools, and gain a
proven methodology for innovation success. You'll leave with the necessary knowledge and skills to initiate and guide the delivery of Innovation, no
matter what your organizational size, structure, or purpose.

Did You Know?

New "Innovate" Project is Underway 

Check out the new Innovation project being developed by KMI blogger and presenter, Lesley Crane, PhD.
Go here for the PDF proposal...


Students have two training options: 

   1. Master Class - students wishing to take a deep dive into Innovation who may or may not be
   interested in Certification.  The 2-day Master Class earns credit toward CKS Certification should
   you choose to get Certified at a later date.

  2. CKS Certification in Innovation - students wishing to earn Certification can do so by taking
  the KMI "KM Foundation" course online, plus the 2-day Innovation Master class.  Note: past Grads
  (CKP/CKM) can bypass the "Foundation" course and take just the Master Class and exam.  
  For more on Certification on this topic, please visit the CKS page and click on "Innovation."

See below for details on your options.  "CKS" = Certified Knowledge Specialist (in a KM topic).

Meet your Instructor

​  Rustin Diehl is an innovation advisor and trainer, focused on business modeling and training
  with businesses, private clients, and non-profits.
  In trainings, Rustin emphasizes models and tools that mobilize and connect knowledge
  resources in support of strategic innovation objectives.  His education and experience in law,
economics, and knowledge management have led him to a systems-oriented approach to innovation.  This approach emphasizes the engagement of cross-functional teams to increase the network effect of an organization’s internal intellectual capital resources.  He is a member of Manifest Advisors, a training and certification firm based in Salt Lake City, with a core focus on innovation, knowledge management, and strategy development.
Rustin has mentored University of Utah MBA students in the Technology Licensing Office and delivers continuing education to attorneys and CPA’s.  He is the author of numerous legal and business articles, drawing on his work in real estate, business, and start-up ventures. 


Innovation is essential to maintain competitiveness or move into new markets.  Leadership in nearly every Fortune 500 Company has made innovation a top priority, yet many organizations rely on random sparks of creativity for their next breakthrough.  Inevitably, this dysfunctional approach to innovation consistently fails to deliver transformative innovations to market.

If your organization recognizes the need for an effective approach to innovation, attend this course to gain best practice methods, tools, and techniques for developing, improving or maintaining your organization’s innovation capabilities.

Course Objectives

Through direct engagement with innovation exercises and techniques, participants will learn how a structured approach to innovation can enable your organization to:

Leverage K Support of Innovation
Gamify and Incentivize Innovation
Employ Design Thinking and Vision-Logic
Solve Problems and Tear Down Roadblocks
Support Strategy by Engaging Human Capital
Develop relationships and partnerships
Identify Market Opportunities and Niches
Develop Business Models and Approaches
Identify Innovative Trends and Address
Facilitate Invention and Develop IP
Repurpose and Leverage Assets
Identify New Operational Efficiencies
Systematically Deliver Innovation
Plan and Execute on Innovation Strategy
Direct Company Culture in Support of  

Design Innovative Business Models
Assemble an Innovation Toolbox
Experiment with Innovation Laboratories

Training Program Options

All KMI public classes include course materials, continental breakfast/buffet lunch, coffee/tea/soda and snacks. Certification students gain access to the Knowledge Hub (continuous learning portal), receive a KMI Certification "Polo" shirt, and acceptance into the Certification Alumni Registry. Includes several online communities exclusively for KMI grads.

Interested in Certification in Innovation and KM?  Please contact KMI for details...

CKS-Innovation includes the online "KM Foundation" course and the Innovation Master Class, materials, meals, online testing and Certificate.

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