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Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS)

Students wishing to go in-depth in a specific KM topic, can now do
so with the new Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS) program.

The CKS combines the core of the acclaimed CKM plus a deep dive into a specialty area, such as Taxonomy, Information Architecture, Social KM, Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Capture, and more added soon.

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Who Should Attend the CKS Program?

The Certified Knowledge Specialist is designed to meet the needs of:

  • New KMI students looking for a solid foundation in KM principles plus a "deep dive" into a special topic
  • Past KMI Grads holding either the CKP™ or CKM designation who would also like to explore a specialty topic

Master Classes for CKS Certification

   What is a "Master Class?"  Take a look at this video and discover what
   we mean, and what's required for CKS Certification.  

   Are you looking for training on a highly specific, leading-edge KM topic?
   Need a "deep-dive" and Certification-level Mastery in that topic?

   Now you have the ability to move beyond general certification and go
   more in-depth on a specific topic - with KMI's Master Classes and CKS

KMI's 2-day Master Classes (also available online in most cases) are required for CKS Certification in a given topic, and are available to: 

  • Anyone interested in a deep dive in a special topic
  • Certification-level training and mastery of that topic
  • Past CKP and CKM grads looking to earn additional Certification in their chosen Specialty area
    - You need only attend a 2 Day Master Class (+ online exam)

CKS Certification in the Following Topics:

                  SOCIAL KM -                                  KNOWLEDGE CAPTURE




Simple Path to CKS Certification ...

Students take KMI's Online "Foundation" course (KM401) in addition to the Master Class topic of your choice, and earn new CKS Certification in your topic!

CKS = Certified Knowledge Specialist in ____

The CKS Path:

Note!  Past Grads (CKP/CKM) can by-pass the "Foundation" course and start with the Master Class course; take the exam for your topic and earn CKS Certification.

Testing is part of your Certification package; there are no additional fees, and your Certificate is ready to print immediately after you pass.  A score of 70% on each part is necessary to pass, and you may retake the test as many times as necessary to pass.  

Further Enrichment:  The KMI Knowledge Hub  

   Your KM learning doesn't stop when you achieve Certification.  As an added bonus, all
   Certification students receive a free membership in the KMI Knowledge Hub, designed
   as your "go to" location for:

  • Continuous Learning  – via Training Videos - presentations by subject matter experts on
    specialty areas relevant to KM practitioners
  • New Content – leverage new content and enhancements to the Certification program
  • Future Course enhancements - our Hub members will be the first to know when new/premium offerings
    are available!


Click Here for Current Training Calendar, Locations and Rates


Group or Private class? 

Let us come to you!  With a minimum size class of 10 students (North America) and 12 students internationally, KMI can deliver a private CKS class at your location or nearby hotel.


  • We come to you!
  • Save on travel
  • The Team learns together
  • Focus on your team's hot-button issues
  • Low cost per student

Please contact KMI for special rates/availability.  Please allow at least 30 days to coordinate/schedule.


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We are standing by to help!



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