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KM Institute is the Global Leader in Knowledge Management Certification, with many thousands Certified since 2001, and classes delivered in a variety of geographical regions. Start the video below for an introduction to KMI and your training options...

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Students have three main choices for Certification depending on your role and involvement in KM:

Certified Knowledge Manager, Specialist or Practitioner

Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)
Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)
#1 Certification worldwide
KMI's flagship program - a strong foundation in KM and a proven methodology that all KM professionals need to know.
CKS - KM & User Engagement
User Engagement
Engage in a KM strategy, design, and implementation effort, using proven Agile and Design Thinking methods and techniques for the Knowledge Manager.
CKS-Knowledge Transfer
CKS-Knowledge Transfer
Learn the proven 4-Step Knowledge Transfer Process; team facilitation and leadership.  Taught by award-winning instructor John Hovell.
CKS-Information Architecture
CKS-Information Architecture
Learn IA and Enterprise Content Management strategy and best practices to build your own IA initiative.
CKS-Social KM
CKS-Social KM
Learn how Social Business and KM methods can merge to foster healthy and sustainable Communities within your organization.
CKS-Knowledge Capture
CKS-Knowledge Capture
Learn the proven "Knowledge Jam" method popularized by the book "Sharing Hidden Know-How," authored by KMI Instructor, Kate Pugh.
Learn solutions for building your own taxonomy and improving 'findability' in the workplace.  Led by the top expert in Taxonomy, Zach Wahl.
CKS-Change Management
CKS-Change Management
The most comprehensive online change management course available today; teaches the skills, tips, and tools to be successful in your change management effort.
CKS-Creative Knowledge Management
CKS-Creative Knowledge Management
Based on the popular "Radical KM" Methodology; learn to master the creative side to KM using 'out of the box' concepts anyone can use.
Certified Knowledge Practitioner (CKP™)
Certified Knowledge Practitioner - CKP
Core KM certification program -- solid foundation for KM team member, facilitator or coordinator. Essential skills for KM initiatives in early start-up phase.
CKS – Innovation Management
CKS – Innovation Management
Learn to integrate business psychology, organizational learning, KM, and change leadership to spark innovation for your organization or customers.
CKS – Organization Development
Organization Development
Try out new OD approaches, extend your range; learn how to tailor proven OD approaches to your own organization’s real needs.

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