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Why KM Institute?

KM Institute is the #1 Global Provider of Knowledge Management Certification, with over 15,000 Certification Graduates since 2001, and classes delivered in up to 15 countries annually.

Recent CKM Class, Washington DC

Why do more KM Practitioners trust the KM Institute for their training needs than any other KM training vendor?

We believe students know good value when they see it. It starts with great content, great customer service, added value, an industry-leading LMS to complement your classroom learning, post-class "take-aways," and a network of peers unlike any other in KM Training.

For Senior Management...

Why should you consider 'certifying' your staff with KMI?  KMI is the most trusted source in KM Certification for top-level management worldwide.  

For Industry Best Practices... 
The CKM program teaches not just the foundation but the best known practices delivered by top organizations.  Your staff will learn not just the 'academic' understanding, but will put these practices to work in our interactive, workshop format.
For Proven Methods...
The methods we teach are the methods the most successful KM Teams practice and utilize.
Popular techniques such as the "Knowledge Cafe" or "Knowledge Continuity" - are only taught in the KMI Certification program. Not just out of the book, these methods are being deployed worldwide; the teams our students represent are the direct beneficiaries.
For Diversity and New Perspectives...
Our students learn from each other, too, with public classes averaging 20 students per class, representing both public and private sectors, international organizations, and a full spectrum of experience - from newcomers to seasoned pros; an intangible benefit you can't script or teach. 
For the best "Bang for your Buck" Value...
At KMI, we realize the standard approach of 'teach and test' and memory recall is not enough for someone to truly master the content.
Because of this, your staff's training does not end on Friday afternoon, but is just the beginning of our commitment for continuous learning.  With our industry-exclusive "Knowledge Hub" - students learn from instructional videos on a variety of KM topics, delivered by expert Guest Speakers or Adjunct Faculty.  
And, all students from our live classes gain access to the entire program online, via the eCKM. This means your team doesn't have to rely on the notes they took in class, but can reach back and review the critical modules they need months after class, on video, to truly master the content and keep it fresh.
In short, you need the confidence to know your team will come back from their training ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  And, the fact that they are utilizing best practices and new knowledge/skills, successfully used by some of the most powerful organizations in the world, makes this the right choice for any organization.

No Other KM Training Compares to the KM Institute

  • Proven Methodology implemented by public/private sector
  • Curriculum licensed and actually taught by acclaimed institutions of higher learning
  • Preferred training vendor for many U.S. Dept of Defense Agencies and Commands
  • Trusted enterprise-wide training solutions for Fortune 500 Companies

Did you Know?

KM Institute is preferred and endorsed by leading government agencies and universities worldwide.

KM Institute features both Certification-level and modular training options - "Anytime, Anywhere Training"

KM Institute offers an exclusive blended learning experience: live classroom + state of the art e-learning.

KM Institute maintains a global network of Certification Grads for post-class networking/learning.

KM Institute is the Best Value – with more "takeaways" . . . Blogs, KM Videos, Resource Documents, and more for continued learning.

For the KM Practitioner –  your choice is clear. Come join us and see for yourself!



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