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Certified Knowledge Specialist Instructors (CKS-I)

Meet KMI's Instructors for our Specialist programs, covering such topics as: Information Architecture, Social KM, Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Capture, Taxonomy, Agile & Design Thinking; and (New) Change Management.

The CKS "Designation" is the actual Certification title students will earn, based on that topic.

Agile and Design Thinking Certification

Instructor: Mary Little

Designation: Certified Knowledge Specialist - Agile and Design Thinking

Based in Washington, DC


Mary has spent her career leading Knowledge Management Strategy and Implementation efforts, with extensive experience applying human-centered principles, including Agile and Design Thinking, to large-scale change efforts. She has led commercial, non-profit, and public sector organizations all over the world through the successful design and deployment of business and technical solutions aimed at transforming the ways organizations engage, develop, and enable their workforce. She is a Certified Agile Leader (CAL1), Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP), and Human Capital Strategist (HCS).

Mary is a frequent speaker and facilitator, with recent topics including Leadership Development, KM Organizational Design, Knowledge Transfer Strategy, and Change Management. Her publications center around the topics of organizational development, agile transformation, design thinking, user experience, and content and communication strategy. 

Information Architecture Certification

Instructor: Dr. Anthony Rhem

Designation: Certified Knowledge Specialist - Information Architecture and ECM

Based in Chicago, IL



Dr. Rhem serves as the President of A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc., a privately held Information Systems Integration and Training firm located in Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Rhem also serves as a Professor of Knowledge Management and Director of Research at The Knowledge Systems Institute - Master of Science Knowledge Management Program.

Social KM​ Certification

Instructor: Rooven Pakkiri

Course: Certified Knowledge Specialist - Social KM

Based in London, UK

A veteran of the era, Rooven Pakkiri is a digital evangelist who focuses on the way technology changes organisational communication and collaboration.  He is an author and regular speaker on the subject of Social Business and how it is transforming the corporate rule book.  Rooven is also the co-founder of a regular thought leadership event in London where independent thinkers discuss issues of user adoption and cultural transformation.

Taxonomy Certification

Instructor: Zach Wahl

Course: Certified Knowledge Specialist - Taxonomy

Based in Washington DC

Zach Wahl is President and CEO of Enterprise Knowledge, and a regular Guest Speaker for the KM Institute Certification Program in the Washington DC area.  Zach is KMI's resident guru in Taxonomy Business Solutions and Design.

Knowledge Transfer Certification

Instructor: John Hovell, CKM

Designation: Certified Knowledge Specialist - Knowledge Transfer

Based in Washington DC

John had been practicing KM for nearly 10 years prior to earning the certification in '07.  He has multiple degrees in Management Science and Information Technology. He earned his Project Management Professional certification in 2008. He has published several chapters in books, as well as magazines and other publications. He was one named “Top Young Trainer” of the year.

He is proud to offer an interactive approach based on individual readiness and needs. He earned his Organisation Development certification in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2016.

Knowledge Capture Certification

Instructor: Kate Pugh

Designation: Certified Knowledge Specialist - Knowledge Capture

Based in Boston, MA

Kate Pugh is Academic Director of the Information and Knowledge Strategy Masters Program at Columbia University, and president of AlignConsulting. Kate is also an acclaimed author and pioneered the "Knowledge Jam" method detailed in her book, "Sharing Hidden Know-How" (2011).  This proven method, along with others,
is taught in her CKS program.


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