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In-Person CKM Classes - Public and Private

Since early 2020, with the exception of private in-person classes, all pubilc CKM classes have been virtual, and therefore, no class pictures were taken.  Below is a look back at in-person classes from 2013-2020.

Due to the large backlog of photos from over 20 years of training, we are only posting 2013-2020.  If you wish to obtain a picture from a class you attended prior to 2013, please contact KMI.  


CKM Public Class, February, 2020 - Tysons, VA


CKM Public Class, December, 2019 - Tysons, VA

CKM Public Class, October, 2019 - San Diego, CA


CKM Private Class for Pacific Air Forces and Booz Allen Hamilton, Hawaii - August, 2019

CKM Public Class, July, 2019 - Tysons, VA

CKM Public Class, April, 2019 - Tysons, VA

CKM Public Class, Feb, 2019 - Tysons, VA


CKM Public Class, Dec, 2018 - Tysons, VA

CKM Public Class, Sept, 2018 - Tysons, VA

Private CKM Class: American Printing House for the Blind, Sept, 2018, Louisville, KY

CKM Public Class, July, 2018 - Tysons, VA

CKM Private Class, Camp Lejeune (USMC), NC, June, 2018

Debut of our first "Certified Mobile Knowledge Manager Class (CMKM),"
June, 2018, South Africa 

CKM Public Class, May, 2018 -Tysons, VA

CKP-CKM Class, March 2018 - Tysons, VA

CKM Private Class, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, March, 2018


​CKM Public Class, Dec, 2017, Tysons, VA

​CKM Private Class, delivered for the Dubai Government, Nov 12-16, 2017

​CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, October, 2017

CKM Private Class for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in Muscat, Oman, October, 2017 

CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, September, 2017

CKM Private Class for Indonesian Government / Ministry of Finance,
August, 2017


CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, July, 2017

CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, May, 2017

Private CKM Class for Fort Bragg, NC, April, 2017 (US Army)


CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, March, 2017

CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, January, 2017


CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, December, 2016

CKM Private Class, Deloitte, Hyderabad - India, November, 2016

CKP/CKM Public Class, Tysons, VA, October 2016

CKM Private Class, Orbital Sciences, Fairfax, VA, October, 2016

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, September, 2016

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, July, 2016

CKM Private Class - Barbados Ministry of Labour - July 4-6, 2016

CKM Public Class, Washington DC, June 20-24, 2016

CKM Private Class - African Development Bank - Cote d'Ivoire - April 18-22, 2016

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, April 11-15, 2016

Organizations represented: Booz Allen Hamilton, Capstone, U.S. Army, Chubb Insurance (2), U.S. Air Force, General Dynamics IT, JP Morgan Chase (2), Hewlett Packard (2), World Bank, Defense Commisary Agency, Military Sealift Command and other DoD agencies.

Washington DC Tour (hosted seasonally - compliments of KMI)


CKM Public Class, London, UK, April 4-8, 2016

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, Feb 8-12, 2016

Organizations represented: Booz Allen Hamilton (3), Northrop Grumman, CFPB, Cooper Tire, DoD, IMF (2), USAID, DHS, Pentagon, Trey Archelesian Systems, U.S. Army TRADOC, U.S. Navy


CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, Dec 7-11, 2015

Organizations represented: Booz Allen Hamilton (4), U.S. Marine Corps, Evidera, U.S. Air Force (2), Accenture, USAA, U.S. Coast Guard, and NSA.

CKM Public Class, Dubai, UAE, Nov 16-20, 2015

CKM Public Class, London, UK, Nov 9-13, 2015

CKM Public Class, San Diego, CA, Oct 26-30, 2015

CKM Public Class - October 19-23, 2015

Organizations represented:  Atmos Energy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chubb Insurance, Ernst & Young, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Saudi Government, US Air Force and UNICEF.

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, Sep 21-25, 2015

Organizations represented: Chubb Insurance, Saudi Arabian Government, Atmos Energy, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Ernst & Young, Booz Allen Hamilton (3), UNICEF, ICFI, Air Force (Scott AFB), and Gómez-Pinzón Zuleta Abogados S.A.S. 

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, July 27-31, 2015

Organizations represented: GDIT, Air National Guard, DHL, U.S. State Dept (3), DoD Joint Staff, Liberty Mutual, U.S. Cybercom, USMC - Pentagon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Amerisource Bergen, DFAS, White Hat Security, and Tony Rhem & Associates

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, June 22-26, 2015

Organizations represented: U.S. Navy, Dartmouth College, Accident Fund, NRC, USPS-OIG, National Battle Monuments, DFAS, World Bank, Good Samaritan Hospital, Lembaga Sandi Negara, and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

CKM Public Class - London, UK - May 11-15, 2015

CKM Public Class - Washington-Dulles - April 13-17, 2015

CKM Public Class - Washington-Dulles, Feb 9-13, 2015


 CKM Public Class, Washington-Dulles, Dec 8-12, 2014


CKM Private Class, NATO Supreme Allied Headquarters Europe, Mons, Belgium, Dec 1-5, 2014


CKM Private Class, Booz Allen Hamilton, Tyson's Corner, VA, Nov 17-19, 2014



CKM Public Class, Dubai, UAE, Nov 9-13, 2014



Public CKP/CKM Class, Washington-Dulles, Oct 20-24, 2014



CKM Public Class, San Diego, CA, Sept 22-26, 2014

CKP/CKM Public Class, Washington DC, Sep 15-19, 2014


CKM Public Class, Lagos, Nigeria, Sep 1-5, 2014


CKM Private Class, Scott Air Force Base, IL, Aug 25-29, 2014


CKM Private Class, U.S. Pacific Command/Hawaii, Aug 18-22, 2014

CKM Private Class, Holloman Air Force Base, NM, Aug 11-16, 2014

Public CKP/CKM Class, Tyson's Corner, VA - July 28-August 1, 2014

Organizations represented:  U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force; USPS-OIG, SEC, DFAS, DMI, Actavis, Aramark, Centra Technology, Genworth, Pragmatics, Travelport, RASGAS, TimeWarner Cable, and others.

Public CKP/CKM/CKS Class, Washington DC, June 23-27, 2014

Organizations Represented:  ADEA, U.S. Army, Booz Allen Hamilton (5), Campbell's Soup, CIA (2), Deloitte, DTRA, EIAST (Dubai - 3), Federal Reserve, FINCA, KACST (Saudi Arabia), The MITRE Corp., Opportunity International, The Ottavio Group (2), Rimm Kaufman, Saudi Aramco, The World Bank.


Public CKP/CKM Class, Washington DC, April 7-10, 2014

Public CKP/CKM Class - Reston, VA - Feb 3-8, 2014


Public CKP/CKM Class, Reston, VA - December 9-13, 2013

Organizations Represented:
Government of The Philippines/Dept of Agriculture (11), World Bank (2), U.S. Army (3), Visa, Boeing, Haliburton, National Guard (MN), Abt Associates        


Public CKP/CKM Class - Reston, VA - October 21-25, 2013

Organizations Represented:  US Army, Columbia Gas, Saudi Aramco, Abu Dhabi Dept of Transport, Novozymes, ERM, BNL, Inc., NextGen, Turkcell, Nigerian National Petroleum, SAP, Center for Organizational Excellence, Staples, Ernst & Young


Public CKP/CKM Class, Washington DC, Sep 9-13, 2013

Organizations Represented:
BP, DISA (2), Dept of Transportation, American Association of Medical Colleges, US Air Force, FDA, DHS, Cubist, US Southern Command (SouthCom), NASA, US Institute of Peace, OPM (3), WorldBank/IFC, US Army, ICMCVI


Public CKM Class, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aug 23-27, 2013



Public CKP/CKM Class, Washington DC, July 22-26, 2013

Organizations Represented:
Booz Allen Hamilton (5), World Bank (6), Inter-American Development Bank, DISA, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), FEMA, UNDP, UN Development Program, SRA, Medtronic, WBB Inc., Cempro, GIZ (Yemen), Compassion International, Red Cross (2), LMI, Cubist, SUNY and others.



Private CKM Class, U.S. Northern Command/NORAD, Colorado Springs, CO, May, 2013



Private CKM Class, UAE Government, Abu Dhabi, April, 2013


Public CKP/CKM Class, Washington DC, April, 2013


Public CKP/CKM Class, Washington DC, February, 2013


Public CKP/CKM Class, Toronto, ON, February, 2013




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