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Welcome to Level One Organizational Certification by the global leader in Knowledge Management Certification.

Organizational Excellence...

Implement KM Institute's acclaimed training programs in all levels of your organization, and get on the path to Organizational Certification. 

Now you have the opportunity to acquire KM Team and Organizational Certification, awarded by The KM Institute.  Elevate your corporation's standing among its peers and competitors.  Show the world you are
a true Knowledge-sharing enterprise, backed by the KM Institute.

This is a 3-part process combining KM training for general audiences, KM Team Certification, and Case Study submittal.


General audiences in your organization will learn the basics of KM and why a Knowledge-sharing enterprise is critical in today's knowledge economy.  KM Awareness training ensures that non-KM staff understand the need for a strong Knowledge Management platform: the people, process and technology.

Key Takeaways: encourage knowledge-sharing principles across the enterprise, grow KM understanding, improve employee adoption, change the culture.


KM leaders and practitioners in your organization will learn to solve the most common KM challenges facing organizations today in the Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) program.  CKM Grads master the methods and techniques necessary for improved Knowledge-sharing across the enterprise and teams. They lead effective knowledge capture and transfer methods; and continue to lead KM initiatives, strategic to tactical, within small to large organizations.  

Key Takeaways: empower the KM team(s) to ensure team members have mastered the most common KM initiatives and are able to lead the organization on a path to KM success.

3. CASE STUDY/WHITE PAPER (article submittal)

Post-training, KM Team Leader(s) will draft a paper documenting team, department, or company-wide success.  KM Team Leaders will document how they improved or implemented new KM initiatives necessary for sustained success.

Example: how did the team improve Knowledge-sharing across the enterprise by taking KMI training?  How is the organization benefiting?  Is the general population aware of KM and it's importance?  Has there been a shift in organizational priorities, employee adoption, or a change in culture?  If so, how?  (contact your KMI rep for further guidance).

Key Takeaways: documenting the success, the challenges, and lessons learned in building a true Knowledge-sharing enterprise.  The Case Study submittal - once approved - is the final step toward earning Organizational Certification.

Organizational Certification and Excellence in Knowledge Management



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