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Recent engagements: Private CKM Programs were delivered for Beale AFB/Sacramento, CA; Ft. Drum, NY; U.S. Southern Command, Miami, FL; and Booz Allen Hamilton (DoD Contractor), Washington DC, and Ft. Bragg, NC / USARC HQ.

Are you a Military serviceman/woman or civilian?
Have you been tasked to improve your command's KM initiatives? Perhaps you are new to KM and simply need better guidance.

With the KM Institute, you have the opportunity to receive the world's #1 KM training program, and the most preferred by the U.S. Military.

Whether you are a civilian or contractor on base, a CO, or soldier in theater, you face a common need for better knowledge sharing across your command. You face the need for the mission critical skills/knowledge necessary to increase performance and efficiency.

Are you up to the task? We can help.

Honor and Integrity

KM Institute's own Chairman and Chief Instructor, Douglas Weidner, knows first-hand what it means to fight for one's country and live by a strict honor code. Mr. Weidner is an Air Force Academy Grad who served in Vietnam before leading successful companies in the private sector for 40 years.

The core values we live by today are strongly guided by our own Military background and the servicemen/women whom we serve. We are proud of the fact that the U.S. Military is our best customer.


The KM Institute's largest Military population of Certification Grads.

Thousands of Warrant Officers, Commissioned Officers, Field Officers, NCOs, and just about everyone in-between have earned their Certification from the KM Institute. Not only do we teach private classes delivered at forts/bases world-wide, but our public classes maintain an average of 20-30% Army personnel, and Army online training has increased 2x (annually) in the last few years.

Commands such as TRADOC, AMC, FORSCOM, and many more have all received KM Institute Certification via private classes or online group training/site-licenses.

In Germany, KM Institute has delivered multiple private classes for such commands as USAREUR (Army Europe) in Heidelberg, AFRICOM (U.S. African Command) in Stuttgart, and joint classes at Ramstein AFB.


Private classes are delivered for such commands as NAVSOC (Naval Special Warfare Command) at Port Hueneme, CA, NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) at the Washington Navy Yard, SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command) in San Diego, CA, and the Centers for Naval Intelligence in Norfolk, VA, where KMI delivered its first ever in-house "Train the Trainer" program to Navy Instructors - now part of their internal KM training program. (see more about "Train the Trainer" programs in the new "KM Transformation Solution™").

Private classes are regularly delivered for these commands, and alternatively Naval personnel regularly attend our public classes in Washington DC.

Air Force

The Air Force, like its service brethren in the Army and Navy, is on the fast-track in KM learning and expertise. And more Air Force personnel have been trained by the KM Institute in the last few years than all of the previous 2000s combined.

Notable private class deliveries include: Wright-Patterson AFB, Peterson AFB, Eglin AFB, and KM Institute is proud to add AETC (Air Education and Training Command) as a site-license customer via KMI online courses.


Private classes have been taught at Camp Lejeune, NC, and Quantico, VA, and individuals continue to join us in our public Certification classes on a regular basis.

Camp Pendleton personnel now join us in our public classes delivered in San Diego.


KMI remains the preferred training vendor for each of the U.S. Combatant Commands (COCOMs), most notably, 8 years in a row of classes delivered to U.S. Northern Command, in Colorado Springs, CO.  Private classes were also successfully delivered at Joint Special Ops Command (JSOC) in Ft. Bragg, NC.

For the Military KM Practitioner your choice is clear. Earn your Certification from the #1 Global provider and most-trusted by the Military - the KM Institute.

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