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Welcome to the Certified Knowledge Specialist in Change Management!

Available in E-Learning Format (Self-paced / Asynchronous).


The most comprehensive online change management course available today, Confident Change Management teaches the skills, tips, techniques, and tools you need to be successful in your change management effort. It doesn’t matter what change methodology that your organization uses, the course teaches you the skills you need to execute it well. With 7 lessons, 28 exercises, 84 activities, and nearly 12 hours of video content, you’ll walk out feeling confident no matter what change initiatives you embark on.


This course is for organizations of any size facing small or large-scale changes. Most change managers don’t receive formal training on how to do change – much less get it to be successful.
Whether you’ve been asked to take on change as part of your other responsibilities or you’re a certified change professional, you’ll get the tools you need to be successful with change and make it stick.

Learning Objectives

This course will walk you start to finish through the change process, from initiating the change to getting the change to stick once it’s implemented in your organization.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to set a clear path from your organization’s current state to your vision of its future after the change
  • The role of tools like visualizations and personas to support your change
  • How to create communication strategies and communications that are effective
  • How to address conflict, create buy-in, and motivate everyone to move forward​
  • How to manage stakeholder expectations and the project

How to Earn Your CKS (Simple 4-Step Process)

Step 1: Take the "KM Foundation & Essentials" online course (10 hours)
Step 2: Take the "Master Course" in Change Management
Step 3: Take the exams for both programs (70% or better earns Certification)
Step 4: Earn your new CKS Certification in Change Management!

"KM Foundation" online course is the core for all KMI Certification students.


Available in E-learning Only.

Two Levels of Pricing: New Students ($2,295) or Past Grads ($1,595).

Past Grads (CKP/CKS/CKM): contact KMI today for your special pricing and more information...

Group Rates:  Email with your group details and we will respond with discount information.


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