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Next Session: May 14, 2024, 10am-12pm ET

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How would you like a coaching session with a KMI Instructor?

An extra 2-hour session with acclaimed Instructor, John Hovell and your peers. This is student-driven, exclusively for CKM Grads, for those wishing to go deeper exploring your own set of challenges. Now – thanks to your requests, you can expect several Coaching sessions in 2024 to tackle your KM issues.

The situations and cases are real, and each participant will be given equal time to share/discuss and solve challenges together.

Our next session is scheduled for May 14, 10am-12pm ET, over Zoom. Additional sessions will be scheduled soon, but only held quarterly.

Sessions will be led by John Hovell for an intimate group of a few students. One week before the session, there will be two questions asked:

1. What are your top priorities right now?
2. What question or challenge would you like to discuss with John and the group?

The fee is just $195 and is considered a post-class “add-on” to your CKM training. You have the option to pay for multiple sessions too.

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If you can't attend May's session but are interested in future dates, let us know and we’ll add you to our list. We're here to help – thank you!

Actual Feedback from Debut Session in February...

"I thought this was an amazing experience. Being able to talk about our pain points with someone like [KMI Instructor] John Hovell was great! It really helped put a perspective on things and I had a lot of “AH-HA!” moments."

"I liked that we were the only ones in the session. It allowed us to really dive into things."

"I would recommend this to other teams. Being able to sit with someone who has been doing this for years and lives and breathes KM is extremely helpful – especially for those in different stages of KM. For example we have our Knowledge Base and we have buy in – where do we go now? This was something we got to explore in our conversation."

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity – and if there is ever a chance to follow up with John that would be awesome!"

Meet your CKM Coach: John Hovell

Actual quotes from some of John's recent students...

"John is wonderful! I would sign up for any course he is offering because I am confident in his ability to facilitate and to guide me toward success. Thanks, John!"

"John was the best. A true master and expert. Awesome professional."

"Mr. Hovell is an outstanding instructor. One of the best I've encountered in 35 years of attending expensive, focused training/seminars. I would/will highly recommend him to anyone interested in the KM subject area. He's a reason to take the course."

"The space to fully express my appreciation and thoughts here is simply inadequate. :) I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced John's instruction and, to absorb his knowledge, experience, and perspectives on KM. He created an amazingly safe, inclusive, and respectful space for everyone to interact and share, which made all the difference."

"John is extremely knowledgeable in KM - enjoyed him sharing real life experiences and affording the class to share their experiences. Greatly appreciate his teaching"

John's Teaching Style...

For More...
John answers: "What is KM?"
Part 1: Optimizing Knowledge Flow...

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Part 2 Discusses KM Perspectives...

What is KM? Different Perspectives. [Part 2 of 3] from KM Institute on Vimeo.

Part 3 asks: "Why do we do KM?" and Looks at the Future of KM...

What is Knowledge Management? [Part 3 of 3] from KM Institute on Vimeo.


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