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Welcome to the newly updated Taxonomy and Ontology class, jointly delivered by award-winning KMI partner, Enterprise Knowledge, the largest KM consultancy in the world with extensive experience in Taxonomy / Ontology design and implementation.

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Organizations are more active than ever in creating, capturing, managing, enhancing, finding, and connecting knowledge, so that employees can access the information they need when they need it. Content findability – the ability for end users to find what they are looking for – and discoverability – the ability for end users to discover relevant content that they weren't aware of – are valuable for organizations in any industry. Making it possible for end users to find relevant content faster and more intuitively with a better search experience or easier site navigation will significantly increase efficiency and productivity
at all levels.

As new content gets created in an organization, search and browse may suffer.  A well-designed business taxonomy addresses these issues. Business taxonomies can improve the ability to tag content consistently and accurately, and consequently, enhance the findability of information through search and browse as well as the broader user experience. In addition to taxonomies, ontologies can help connect people to content, content to content, and people to people, further enriching the experience of looking for information, often via content recommendations that are based on similar metadata. 

Most organizations are not equipped with the knowledge or experience to successfully design and implement business taxonomies or ontologies. This Taxonomy and Ontology Course will arm your organization with the knowledge to move forward and address this critical knowledge management challenge.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business analysts and information analysts who want to gain knowledge about the foundational and advanced principles of taxonomies and ontologies to support internal projects.
  • Taxonomists and information architects who want to strengthen their knowledge of taxonomies, gain hands-on experience in the design and validation of taxonomies, or acquire more advanced skills on ontology design to help improve content findability and discoverability in their organization.
  • Anyone tasked to lead or refresh a taxonomy, or anyone who will be overseeing a content management effort where taxonomy will play a part.

Learning Objectives

  • Communicate the concepts of taxonomy and metadata in both business and technical terms
  • Educate your organization on the value and potential returns on investment of proper taxonomy design
  • Facilitate internal taxonomy design workshops
  • Manage a taxonomy design project, from start to finish, for your organization
  • Sustain your taxonomies, ensuring they evolve in an effective manner to support your business
  • Leverage best practices and proven methodologies for ontology design 
  • Understand the most common applications of ontologies to enable advanced semantic capabilities within your organization

If you are looking to gain the necessary knowledge to lead your organization on the right path, get started here.

Topics Covered:

  • Information Architecture (IA) 
  • Taxonomy design foundational principles and best practices
  • Taxonomy validation techniques and tools
  • Content types and their benefits
  • The importance of content clean-up
  • Common taxonomy use cases and applications
  • Common ontology use cases and applications
  • Taxonomy Management Systems (TMS) and how they work
  • Ontologies and advanced semantic capabilities

Meet your Instructors

Lulit Tesfaye is a Partner and the Division Director for Data and Information Management and Engineering at Enterprise Knowledge, LLC., the largest global consultancy dedicated to Knowledge and information management. Lulit brings over 15 years of experience leading diverse knowledge management and data initiatives, specializing in technologies and integrations. Lulit is most recently focused on employing advanced Knowledge AI and semantic capabilities for optimizing enterprise data and information assets.

Tatiana Cakici is a Senior Knowledge Management Consultant for the Data & Information Management at Enterprise Knowledge (EK). Tatiana has extensive experience in the design of enterprise taxonomy and metadata management solutions to support the implementation of KM and information management platforms. She also has experience with designing and implementing enterprise KM strategies, business taxonomies, and ontologies to achieve customer-centric designs that support enterprise content management and knowledge graphs. Tatiana excels at designing and conducting taxonomy and metadata workshops to effectively manage corporate content and improve enterprise search. She has extensive experience with SharePoint and Office 365.

Sara Mae O’Brien-Scott is a Consultant for the Data and Information Management Division at Enterprise Knowledge (EK). With a background in Library and Information Science, she specializes in Taxonomy, Ontology, and Knowledge Graph design and implementations. She has designed knowledge models for a diverse range of industries, including transportation engineering, finance, retail, and healthcare. These models have powered solutions like content tagging, learning pathways, and recommendation engines. She approaches data and information management as a systems thinker, and designs solutions informed by user and business needs. She understands information to be a critical asset, and is passionate about using semantic technologies to help organizations better leverage this asset. 

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Next Class (live online): Sep 12-13, 2023


Earn the CKS in Business Taxonomy and Ontology (2-day class plus online "KM Foundation" course). 

Standard rate for new students: $1,995
Past Grads (CKM/CKS): $1,595*

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Package includes Course Workbook, KM Foundation Online Program, the 2-day Master Class, Online Exam, Certificate, and "Knowledge Hub" access to new instructional videos on KM and related topics - no expiration.

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