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Welcome to the Certified Knowledge Specialist in Innovation Management by KMI and acclaimed author/instructor Dr. John Lewis.  This 2-day Master Class includes the "KM Foundation" online course, workbook, exam, Certificate, and forever access to our industry-leading LMS.  Details below...

Past Grads (CKM/CKS) may bypass "KM Foundation" and start with the 2-day Master Class.


Innovation is the key to thriving and surviving for every organization, especially given the pace of change we are facing today. Success requires a sustained cycle of rapid innovation and learning, which in turn requires developing experts, pioneers, and thought leaders with the right mindsets.  Organizations that are still developing their people “from novice to expert” will be left behind.

Innovation management requires the integration of several disciplines, including business psychology, organizational learning, knowledge management, and change leadership. And given recent discoveries in positive psychology, cognitive diversity, and neuroscience, we can now accelerate the innovation process.

Who Should Attend?

The certification course is for:

  • Managers and leaders who want to create a culture of rapid innovation and learning in their organization.
  • KM Leaders who want to leverage their KM strategies for increased organizational innovation and learning.
  • Individuals who consider themselves to be creative but are finding that the innovation process requires additional knowledge and skills.
  • Individuals who don’t consider themselves to be particularly creative but want to better understand their important role in the innovation process.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify success measures and common failures within the innovation cycle
  • Document the decisioning process for options, choices, and learnings
  • Leverage emotional tension and cognitive diversity in the business environment
  • Translate problems into opportunities from the 20 disruption archetypes
  • Explain the working relationships between innovation, learning, and leadership
  • Balance transformational and transactional organizational requirements
  • Identify story patterns within the world’s top transformational change models

Topics Covered

  • The Neuroscience of Story Thinking and the Innovation Cycle
  • The ILEDEM Innovation and Change Method
  • Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Innovation Strategies
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Innovation and Organizational Cultures
  • Innovation and Learning Principles
  • Innovation and Leadership Attributes
  • Organizational Feedback Loops and Quad-Loop Learning
  • Integrated Thinking: Design, Creative, Systems, Critical, and Tacit

Meet your Instructor

Dr. John Lewis is a coach, educator, and consultant in leadership, innovation, and knowledge management. John helps leaders and organizations reach their peak potential through evidence-based performance strategies. John has “Big 4” management consulting experience and was acknowledged by Gartner with an industry “Best Practice” for an innovative global knowledge management solution.

John is the author of “Story Thinking” and “The Explanation Age” which Kirkus Reviews described as “An iconoclast’s blueprint for a new era of innovation.” He is an associate editor for Leadership and Organizational Behavior with the Journal of Innovation Management and holds a Doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California.


Next Class: Sep 18-19, 2024 (register early!)

The CKS in Innovation Management (2-day class plus online "KM Foundation" course). 

Standard rate for new students: $1,995
Past Grads (CKM/CKS): $1,595*

Package includes Course Workbook, KM Online Program, the 2-day Master Class, Online Exam, Certificate, and "Knowledge Hub" access to new instructional videos on KM and related topics - no expiration.

*Past Grads (CKP/CKM/CKS) may bypass the "KM Foundation" online program and start with the Master Class. 
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What are the Students Saying?

Actual quotes from our Debut Class in March, '24...

"[Instructor John Lewis] was very engaging and knew his topic well. His use of breakout rooms and examples helped tremendously to make sure you caught what he was teaching."

"John had great knowledge and energy."

"Very welcoming and engaging; pleasant sound of voice."

"I really enjoyed John's teaching style. It allowed for us to be relaxed and soaking up the information."

"John did a wonderful job!"

"His passion comes through his lesson plan - I especially loved the wow video. It gave the audience a chuckle and broke the ice pretty well. Amazing instructor maneuvering through chat, each learner's questions, and digesting information prior to responding."

"He was extremely knowledgeable and offered a variety of examples that facilitated understanding/learning."


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