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Next Class: June 26-28, 2023

As organisations strive to improve their ability to work at the speed of change, they need more people who have the knowledge and abilities to land change initiatives with people. That’s why developing an Organisation Development (OD) mindset, skillset and toolset is
fast becoming an essential capability for leaders, managers and professionals everywhere.

Are you a CKM Grad?  Check out this message to Grads (and Knowledge Managers in general):

Do real OD work with a real client - there's no role play here!

The centerpiece of the 3-day Master Class is real Organisation Development work, helping a real client with a live challenge

Last time we supported a senior team from a cancer charity to ‘figure out hybrid working’ to enable their strategy and values. This time we’re excited to announce that our client is an international not-for-profit doing amazing work to tackle poverty and injustice. So you’ll be developing your skills, while making a real difference.

Benefits for you

  • Demystify OD and discover how you can use it
  • Recognise your strengths or get out of a rut
  • Take a valuable step forward in your OD practice
  • Expand your OD range to address tough challenges

Benefits for your organisation

  • Land change with people
  • Use Dynamic Patterning to get unstuck
  • Help your org become change-ready
  • Address tough challenges

Who Should Attend?

This program is for anyone who needs to make change happen.

  • I need to make change happen as part of my day job [For managers and professionals]
  • I work in a related area and want to use OD in my practice [For coaches, L&D, KM, HR, business improvement]
  • I’m new to Organisational Development and want to learn more
  • I’m gaining OD experience and I want to develop my practice
  • I’m stuck in a rut and I want to extend and re-energize my OD practice

Our "3D's" Framework

We’ll use our innovative 3D’s framework to help you advance your OD practice.

Diagnostic OD

Discover more about diagnostic OD approaches

Dialogic OD

Discover more about dialogic OD approaches

Dynamic OD

Discover more about dynamic OD approaches

Use of Self

Discover more about use of self
as the main instrument in OD work

Discover more about Organisation Development, try out new approaches, and extend your range. Learn how to tailor your OD approaches to your organisation’s real needs. More about the 3Ds framework: S Varney – OD-based framework for change.

Your Facilitators

Delivered in partnership by experienced facilitators.

This rather special program was co-designed and is co-facilitated by Sharon Varney and John Hovell working in partnership. Over the past 6 years, John and Sharon have combined their talents and experience, and brought their different styles and approaches together to offer a rich experience. It’s always different, always live, as it’s tailored to the needs of whoever is there.

Sharon’s approach to OD is pragmatic. She starts where people are and helps them to take a meaningful step. Even a small movement has the potential to make a big difference in change terms.



John’s approach is ‘real-time and interactive’. He embraces every moment as a learning opportunity for everyone involved – including himself. Impactful and fun conversations get him out of bed every morning.



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Next Class: June 26-28, 2023

Earn the CKS in Organization Development (3-day class plus online "KM Foundation" course). 

Standard rate for new students: $1,995
Past Grads (CKM/CKS): $1,595*

Package includes Course Workbook, KM Foundation Online Program, the 3-day Master Class, Online Exam, Certificate, and "Knowledge Hub" access to new instructional videos on KM and related topics - no expiration.

*Past Grads (CKP/CKM/CKS) may bypass the "KM Foundation" program and start with the Master Class. 
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