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Welcome to the highest level designation for Knowledge Managers worldwide: Master CKM Certification.  In this 12-week cohort, you will join fellow CKM Grads for Case Study peer-reviews, KM Practicum study and application, and Transformational Leadership & Strategy, guided by KMI's Chairman and Chief Instructor, Douglas Weidner and KMI guest instructors.

Why Earn the MCKM?

  • Are you a past CKM Grad of the KM Institute, but want to take it further?
  • Are you a Team Leader aspiring to be a KM Department Director or Executive? 
  • Perhaps there's still work to do to transform your organization?

Now you can achieve the ultimate level in KM Certification. The Master CKM (MCKM) proves mastery of the KMI "Practicum" and Transformational skills/knowledge necessary to achieve KM organizational (and personal) success.


This course is for past CKM Grads, either from a live class or online (via the "eCKM"). If you are not a past grad but interested in this course, please contact KMI for more information on the CKM program to start your path. 

The acclaimed CKM program is a strong foundation and tool 
set for KM professionals to fulfill their obligations and earn Certification in the process. However, some CKM Grads may wish to take it a step further and drive beyond the traditional benchmark. 

You can now achieve this with the MCKM program.

How do you earn the MCKM?  What's expected?

The MCKM is a Three-Themed Program Covering 12 Weeks

Theme I: Create a Peer-Reviewed Case Study for Publication (first two weeks of sessions).
As part of our peer-reviewed sessions (first part of 12-week cohort) we will dig in and review student case studies.  A case study can be a description of a KM success or 'on-the-job' win, or a KM project in progress.  Please see your KMI rep for details...

Theme II: KM Practicum (first 8 out of 12 weeks). 
The bulk of the training; a review and newly updated look at the 13 Practicum being taught in today's CKM program from a leader's perspective.  We break down each of the Practicum (learning objectives) and discuss applicability and successful delivery. 

Theme III: Transformational Leadership and Strategy (covered in final 4 weeks).
Finally, we look at the fast-growing need for Transformational Leadership (in a KM perspective) and how to drive results for your team, department and organization, using proven methods developed by KMI instructors.

What's the Requirement?
MCKM Certification is achieved by submitting a KMI-approved case study subject for peer review, and active participation in the 12-week cohort. A flexible schedule policy of up to 3 absences is allowed (must attend 9 out of 12 sessions), and each session is recorded in case you miss a portion.  

2023 Cohort Schedule, Jan 17-Apr 11

Weeks 1 - 8: Focus on Part 1/Peer Reviews, and Part 2/KM PRACTICUM

Weeks 1 - 2. Meet/Greet, establish peer review schedule (complete Peer Reviews). 

Week 1:  PRACTICUM #1 – Create a compelling Call-to-Action: #1 (a-c).

Week 2:  PRACTICUM #2 and #3 – Define KM for Diverse Audiences, and KM Metrics.

Week 3:  PRACTICUM #4 and #5– Own a KM Methodology, and Quick Wins.

Week 4:  PRACTICUM #6 and #7 – Awareness Campaign – Learning Plan and Communication Plan.

Week 5:  PRACTICUM #8 – Transformational Change Management.

Week 6:  PRACTICUM #9 and #10 – KM Solutions Matrix™ and KM Bull Simulation – Knowledge Transfer & Retention

Week 7:  PRACTICUM #11 – Governance and KM Team Charter

Week 8: PRACTICUM #12 – Overcome Barriers to Success

Weeks 9 - 12: Focus on Transformational Leadership and Way Forward

Weeks 9 - 11:  PRACTICUM #13 – Get Started, Way Forward. 

Incorporate KM PRACTICUM and Transformational Leadership concepts into final Case Studies, Complete Peer Reviews, publish.

Week 12: Wrap Up.

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