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What is Knowledge Management?

KMI Instructor John Hovell gives his definition of Knowledge Management
in this 3-Part Video. 

John Hovell is Managing Director of STRATactical, LLC and a KMI Instructor for the Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) and Knowledge Transfer Certification programs.  

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Part 1 discusses "Optimizing Knowledge Flow"...

What is Knowledge Management? [Part 1 of 3] from KM Institute on Vimeo.

Part 2 discusses "KM Perspectives"...

What is KM? Different Perspectives. [Part 2 of 3] from KM Institute on Vimeo.

Part 3 asks: "Why do we do KM?" and looks at "The Future of KM"...

What is Knowledge Management? [Part 3 of 3] from KM Institute on Vimeo.

Classic Definition

If you've done any research, you've no doubt come across the classical definition of KM being a combination of "People, Processes, and Technology" for improved knowledge-sharing and proficiency.  Effective KM has evolved since then, harnessing People, Processes, Content, Culture, and Technology to translate tacit knowledge, experience, and expertise into content that may be captured, managed, enhanced, and found by others. 

KM is also the application of proven methods to:

  • leverage knowledge
  • collaborate
  • spark innovation
  • accelerate organizations toward ever-higher performance

It's one thing to find or harness knowledge - what you do with that knowledge separates success from failure.


“Improving the productivity of knowledge workers through technology, training and organizational change….will be the major boardroom challenge of the next 15 years.”  

--The Economist: Foresight 2020 - Economic, Industry and Corporate Trends

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