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Why you should care about Radical KM

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Why you should care about Radical KM

Jun 01, 2021   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger, Stephanie Barnes

Blog 2: Radical KM, part 2 (extracted from Radical Knowledge Management: using lessons learned from artists to create sustainable workplaces, in Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: AI in Business, Knowledge and Innovation Management Section, submitted August 25, 2020 for publication, currently in review phase. Publication date: tba.). 

FYI: Stephanie Barnes is hosting a webinar on the same topic June 29th, 10-11am EST.  Details here...

Radical KM seeks to make knowledge management take a strategic view of knowledge work from the perspective of the knowledge worker. Sustainability comes from making space for creativity in our organisations, so that they are not just analytical, rational, and process-oriented factories, but creative, and innovative ecosystems. 

The value of knowledge management in the 21st century comes from learning, not from the databases and the documents of the 20th century, but from the experience of learning. It is necessary for knowledge management to take a more active role and to ask: what are the desired sustainable behaviours and is there a group of people who consistently exhibit many of them that we can learn from? How do we focus less on databases and documents and more on continuous learning?

Radical KM seeks answer these questions by putting creativity into our organisations, to make them whole, to help the people within them thrive in the times we live in: volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous times.

Our organisations have focused on the division of labour, the compartmentalisation of knowledge, and treating knowledge work like it is part of a production line. Anchoring our organisations in these industrial-age paradigms has left out space for creativity and does not suit desired knowledge-age requirements. People are not machines, knowledge work requires different behaviours to support it and be successful, it requires the behaviours that have been ignored in favour of efficiency and effectiveness. Making space for creativity is critical to our success in the 21st century and beyond.


Stephanie is a knowledge management consultant at Entelechy working with clients in a variety of sectors. In her consulting practice she focuses on aligning people, process, and technology to not only help organisations be more efficient and effective with what they know, but to be more innovative and creative, too. Stephanie has been bringing knowledge management success to organisations for more than 20 years.  Visit:



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