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Foolish Knowledge: The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Aug 04, 2016   |  By Rustin Diehl, JD, CKM

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge." – Charles Darwin

When presented with a question or challenge, some humans are diffident about their knowledge and timid to take action.  Others bullishly push forward with confidence in what they think they know.  The underlying issue in both cases is the same:  many people suffer from false illusions of inferiority or superiority and are unable to evaluate themselves.

Collaborative Knowledge Mapping

Jul 06, 2016   |  By Manel Heredero | Managing Director, Werner Sobek - London

Over the years I have felt extremely frustrated with the so-called knowledge repositories, such as SharePoint, and the many other solutions for collaboration that exist around an intranet. Many years ago I joined an engineering consultancy firm in London called Fulcrum (which a few years later merged into Mott MacDonald). That was back in 2008 and we were around 150 employees, with small offices in Edinburgh, Madrid and Hong Kong. Those were the days were sustainable building design was going strong.

Why Is It So Hard to Find What I'm Looking For?

Jun 30, 2016   |  By Rebecka Isaksson | Director, KM Programs - Microsoft

Following up from my last blog post: Too busy to get help? Take time to learn!

I hear from my Customers (our 20k+ Enterprise Services employees worldwide) almost every day, how hard it is “to find the stuff I need”, or “to find the good stuff”, out of a list of search results that sometimes spans tens of thousands of returns. And I totally get that. I feel the same way very often, whether I am looking for stuff internally, or trying to book flights for my next vacation.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26bn - What does this tell us about the value of Human Capital and Social networks?

Jun 14, 2016   |  By Rooven Pakkiri | Social Knowledge Management Consultant

So the truth is out - paradoxically in an age of digital transformation, human capital is becoming the great differentiator. Microsoft’s eye watering price paid for LinkedIn makes the argument for the increasing value of Human Capital and Social Networks. Indeed the case is even more compelling when you understand that LinkedIn is still a loss making company.

Why did Microsoft buy LinkedIn?

Digital Transformation & Productivity - Part III

Jun 09, 2016   |  By Rebecka Isaksson | Director, KM Programs - Microsoft

Too busy to get help?  In my second post in this Blog series, I talked about a situation that I think most of us find too familiar: being stuck in the “I don’t know but I don’t have time to learn!” dilemma. This week I want to start sharing some of my tips & tricks to breaking that vicious circle.







Digital Transformation & Productivity - Part II

May 18, 2016   |  By Rebecka Isaksson | Director, KM Programs - Microsoft

Are you too stuck in the "I don't know but I don't have time to learn!" dilemma?

In my last post I talked a bit about Digital Transformation and how the multi-faceted and extremely high-paced transformation that most of us are in the midst of right now, is rapidly increasing the need for us all to “work smarter”. To some of you, this is a bit of a cliché and something that some managers/leaders repeated more often than actually applicable, some 7-8 years back. It was one of those buzzwords that got abused to the point of ridiculousness.

Information Architecture and KM

May 05, 2016   |  By Anthony J. Rhem

Digital Transformation & Productivity - Part I

Apr 20, 2016   |  By Rebecka Isaksson | Director, KM Programs - Microsoft

Looking at a few keynotes from one of our internal, semi-annual technical conferences, and reflecting on some of the many Microsoft and Customer stories I heard on my recent travels in Europe, it doesn’t take a lot to see how they are all converging around one thing: Digital Transformation.

How Will KM Certification Benefit My Career?

Apr 06, 2016   |  By Marie Jeffery

Hear from KMI students, interviewed after their certification courses in London and Washington, DC.

    Click here to view video.



Is KM a Science? The Verdict

Feb 10, 2016   |  By Lesley Crane, PhD

We recently featured a two-part article by Lesley Crane, considering the question of whether knowledge management is a science.  (Part I, Part II)  Alongside the article, we included an open survey asking readers what they think.  This caused quite a stir, and we had 186 responses in total. So, what did the community think on this question? 

Lesley’s Analysis


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