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Creating Knowledge Through Storytelling

Feb 19, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Organizational knowledge is broadly classified into explicit and tacit. While explicit knowledge is tangible and is captured through processes, documentation, books, videos, etc, the fact is that this forms only a fraction of any organization’s knowledge while the rest of the knowledge bound to peoples’ experiences, intuition, insights, expertise, and personal conclusions is tacit knowledge. 

What's on the Knowledge Management Menu? The KM Services Menu Card...

Feb 17, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Knowledge management extends beyond information management and has a significant impact on the organizational innovation quotient, customer services, and sales and delivery processes. Consequently, it plays a crucial role in determining the overall success of an organization and its ability to thrive in a competitive business landscape.

Lessons Learned to Become a Future Ready Organization

Jan 31, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Michael Sequeira

Lessons Learned are a rich source of knowledge. When applied in the right context they yield a valuable source of information that can become handy first-aid to dealing with some tough water logged situations. So what comes to your mind when someone speaks about Lessons Learned?

The best way to define something is to look at the Gold standard and below are three successful examples that most practitioners quote.

Knowledge Management as Enabler for Quick Response Teams (QRTs)

Jan 28, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

In today’s highly volatile and fast-paced world, quick-response teams play a crucial role in providing swift and effective actions. QRTs, comprised of highly skilled professionals, are at the forefront of emergency management. We have seen the important role QRTs played during the COVID-19 outbreak.
But how do we ensure that our QRTs are always well-equipped to act swiftly and decisively in dynamic situations?

It's a New Year - New KM Focus on AI and KM Integration

Jan 03, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

The KM / AI integration is the latest focus for all KM managers and rightly so.  It is imperative for organizations that still need to embrace this synergy to do so as we transition into the new year, 2024. 

Integrating Knowledge Management in Pre-Employment Screening

Dec 20, 2023   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

On the business end, finding the right applicant can be a challenge. You’re looking to fill a critical position as quickly as possible, but you’re also looking to ensure that the person you choose is a perfect fit for the role.

How to Navigate the Future of Knowledge Management with AI

Dec 06, 2023   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Alicia Rother

We frequently hear the phrase "knowing more means accomplishing more" in our modern, data-saturated world. Even though organizations possess vast quantities of data, the true challenge does not consist solely of data collection.

Knowledge Management Strategies for Seamless IoT Product Development

Nov 21, 2023   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

The Internet of Things (IoT) is continuing to become a prevalent part of everyday life. People are embracing connected ecosystems of devices to optimize both their personal activities and business practices. This presents some incredible opportunities for companies that develop new IoT products.

Leveraging Knowledge Management to Detect and Address Employee Burnout

Nov 01, 2023   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

Employee well-being has always had a significant impact on company results, but the connection came into sharp focus during COVID-19. As everyone moved to work from home and worries about ill employees mounted, it became even more obvious that employers benefit from protecting employee well-being.

Thinking Knowledge Management? - Don’t Forget Change Management

Oct 31, 2023   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Knowledge management is now widely accepted as a key component for organizational success. By streamlining the organizational intellectual property, organizations drive innovation. However, the successful implementation of KM initiatives often requires a cultural change that is impossible to incorporate without adopting the change management principles. 

Let’s see how organizations need to leverage change management to optimize knowledge management efforts. But first, let’s see what change management is all about.


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