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Knowledge Management for Designing Work Schedules for Optimal Productivity

Dec 05, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

A comprehensive knowledge management system can unlock new levels in your business. If you’re unfamiliar with knowledge management, it’s a system that helps you collect, store, organize, and share knowledge and information across your company.

How Effective Knowledge Management Affects Your Company’s Profits

Nov 24, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Kristen Bray

Knowledge management can be a powerful tool in the right hands. It has many purposes, but its main goal is to help organizations utilize their knowledge, information, and expertise in a more meaningful way.

One of the ways you can use knowledge management is to increase your company’s revenue. Without further ado, here’s what knowledge management is and how it can affect your company’s profits.

5-Point Checklist for Choosing the Right KM Software for Your CX Needs

Nov 03, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Megha Agarwal

Think about how your customer service representative would deal with a client. They are trying their best, but the knowledge management software you now use makes it impossible for them to find the information they need. 

Was the customer support representative to blame? possibly not. They might have merely been the victims of a slow and ineffective knowledge management software.

5 Critical Knowledge Management Metrics and How to Improve Them

Oct 26, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Art Malkovich

Knowledge management (KM)
is essential for ensuring a company’s efficiency.
It contributes to uninterrupted operations even if an employee retires, leaves, or gets promoted. As a result, team members can access information and make decisions based on these files. KM also sustains consistency in the company, creating solid institutional knowledge to
keep a high level of work done.

Knowledge Silos: Breaking Down Barriers

Oct 15, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Innovation is a buzzword for organizations today that are striving to be the best in the highly competitive world. How do we use the collective brains of people in an organization to innovate?
The easy and simplest answer is to break the knowledge silos that most organizations struggle with. With the growing Hybrid and virtual workforce, it is all the more critical for organizations to come up with ways to break these silos or be ready to face even bigger and harder-to-solve challenges in the future in terms of knowledge loss and staying relevant and competitive.

Top 5 Knowledge Management Trends in 2022

Sep 14, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Baphira Wahlang Shylla

With the rapidly changing landscape of how offices and organizations approach work, knowledge management (KM) is more crucial than ever. Due to the overflow of information within organizations, the ways in which this information is stored and archived change according to the need, time, and purpose. 

As with everything else, the field of KM in technology has its seasons of trends. However, some trends are here to stay. Why should some trends outstay others, you may ask?

The Relevance of Knowledge Management to Organizations

Aug 11, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Eric Harris

Knowledge management is an important process and corporations can take advantage of to maximize their potential. Many organizations have a well of knowledge at their disposal, but they can't readily tap into it because it's not well managed and distributed. Insights become difficult to track or gain because trends from past employees, processes, and departments are not properly stored for future use.

Having the right management structure in place will ensure that knowledge becomes easily accessible throughout the organization.

Tips To Implement A Knowledge Management System Within A Budget

Jul 18, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Mary Baker

Over the years, businesses of all sizes realize the value of knowledge and information. Not surprisingly, a knowledge management system is a norm for large companies and small enterprises. A KMS is a tool that helps an organization capture, organize, and analyze pertinent information. It facilitates improved collaboration, better decision-making, and time management among employees. Moreover, it empowers the team to deliver a more efficient customer experience.

8 Best Knowledge Management Features You Need To Know In 2022

Jul 15, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Sowmya Juttukonda

What are Knowledge Management solutions?

Peter Drucker, famous for declaring, "Information only becomes knowledge in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it," coined the term "knowledge management" in the 1950s. 

Knowledge management has since become a specialized emphasis area for larger companies.

There have been numerous discussions about how knowledge management solutions can be implemented since the subject was created in 1991. 

Knowledge Management For Risk Reduction

Jul 13, 2022   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

People say that knowledge is power, but that adage is far more than an easy axiom. It’s also a bedrock truth. Perhaps no one knows that better than business leaders and decision-makers, those who deal every day with the management of knowledge.


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