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Do you want to be one of the 8% who achieves their New Year’s Resolution?

Jan 06, 2016   |  By Jane Maliszewski, Founder - Vault Associates

It’s that time of year again to take stock of where we are, what we’ve done, and envision doing something different in the future. The popularity of setting New Year’s Resolutions speaks to our natural affinity for change.  According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 45% of Americans set New Year’s resolutions, yet only 8% of those fully succeed. 

Whether you are in the ‘resolution setter’ category or not, would you like to really be successful at what you’d like to change?

To Social or Not to Social?

Dec 02, 2015   |  By Rebecka Isaksson | Director, KM Programs - Microsoft

I am coming back to a popular and dear topic to many here: e-mail vs. conversations (I’ll use ‘conversations’ loosely, to refer to ‘enterprise social’ platforms in general). The discussion that seems to occur most often in my own experience, is regarding the “WHAT” (e-mail or ‘social’ tools) but not nearly as often on the “WHEN”, "HOW", or even more importantly in my opinion: the “WHY”.

Workplace Evolution – Tuning in to Worker Expectation

Oct 28, 2015   |  By Rooven Pakkiri | Social Business Consultant

We now want the same digital experience and service levels at work as we get in our personal life

The world of work is undergoing significant change. Worker expectations have shifted in so many ways. Employees want to use their own devices and applications to get their work done. They expect to have their views and ideas aired and to get rapid feedback. Access to information and to decision makers is often more important than financial remuneration. Transparency and Collaboration are the new corporate mantras.

Collaboration is Fundamental in a Mobile-First, Cloud-First World

Oct 15, 2015   |  By Rebecka Isaksson | Director, KM Programs - Microsoft

 . . . and an essential driver of Business Transformation!

I had the great opportunity to sit down with two CxOs from a European police organization a couple of weeks ago. The topic for discussion was to share experiences and discuss the common challenges and opportunities, that the business transformation of moving into a Mobile-first, Cloud-first world creates.

Human Capital - The Last Differentiator

Sep 30, 2015   |  By Rooven Pakkiri | Social Business Consultant

We are now operating in a world where the commoditisation of IT is fast becoming a reality for the current workforce. And it will be totally non-negotiable for the future workforce. BYOD is rapidly becoming BYOA. In this brave new world of Internet 3.0, the playing field has shifted - company size and history is less important than responsiveness and agility. The now legendary story of Blockbuster's rejection of the Netflix offer to form a partnership is instructive. The way in which talent finds its desired company and the terms on which it wants to engage are evolving rapidly.

Why do Knowledge Management (KM) Programs and Projects Fail?

Sep 22, 2015   |  By Dr. Anthony J. Rhem

Let’s begin by determining the difference between a KM Program and a KM Project. In many of my Knowledge Management (KM) engagements, organizations look to initiate KM through a specific initiative or project. Once that project is concluded many of these organizations believe that their KM involvement is done and they move on to the next initiative. In order to have a sustainable KM presence at an organization we must move from the tactical approach of a KM project to that of a strategic approach of a KM Program.

Knowledge Management and the Sharepoint Era

Sep 17, 2015   |  By José Carlos Tenorio Favero | Global Knowledge Management

First generation KM, nicknamed the tool era, was crawling with technology solutions.  Many years later we are still looking hard at technology and we seem to be heading towards a new generation nicknamed the Sharepoint era.

VIrtual Team Members - The Pulse of Distance Work

Sep 02, 2015   |  By Dr. Cassandra Smith | Working at a Distance

The heart is a fascinating organ. It pulsates throughout the body, and you want the pulse because that means you are alive; The heart does the body work! The same applies to your business. VTMs are the bodies that do the work for your business and product success.

Change Management for Agile Projects

Aug 12, 2015   |  By Katy Saulpaugh | Enterprise Knowledge, LLC

Through our years of designing, developing, and implementing knowledge and information management technologies, we’ve consistently regarded user understanding and buy-in as key criteria for success. The change management profession aims to reduce the purported 70% failure rate on large projects by concentrating on the people side of change. Change professionals focus on communications, training, and stakeholder engagement activities for projects ranging from the rollout of a new document management system to a new records retention process to a corporate reorganization.

What is Meant by Knowledge Management?

Aug 06, 2015   |  By José Carlos Tenorio Favero

Knowledge Management is becoming more important as organizations continue to grow and face numerous challenges. As Wiig stated, “Competitiveness in the new world is directly dependent not only on the value and sophistication of the knowledge assets but also on how well they are renewed and utilized to conduct competent work” (Wiig 1999).


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