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New! "AI and Knowledge Management"

New Series of Short Videos (to be released next few weeks)

KMI Instructor Rooven Pakkiri hosts a series of short videos covering the hottest topic of the day and how it will affect Knowledge Management and beyond.  This is the “Intro” and each session is being released in the coming weeks.

Rooven is a leading consultant in Knowledge Management and teaches KM Institute’s Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) program in Europe. He is also a featured speaker at a variety of KM-related conferences.  When Rooven is not teaching for KMI, he is busy consulting or mentoring KM teams for some of the biggest organizations in Europe.

[Introduction below - stay tuned for Part 1...]


AI and it's Impact on Knowledge Management

"Conversations with KMI Series"

The debut session of "Conversations with KMI" - the new series where KMI Instructors discuss the hottest topics of the day (related to KM).

We sat down with CKM Instructors John Hovell, Jack Merklein and Rooven Pakkiri for a deep-dive look at AI and how it's affecting KM.

Recorded July 1, 2024


How Does AI Impact Knowledge Transfer?

Hosted by KMI Instructor John Hovell and Dr. Rachel Teague (Master CKM)

John Hovell and Dr. Rachel Teague dig into how AI is affecting Knowledge Transfer (KT) in the workplace and our everyday lives. How will AI modernize Knowledge Transfer in the near future? Is human application still important for KT? What can we learn from this?

Recorded Feb 13, 2024.


Today's Knowledge Management - Why KM is More Important than Land, Labour, or Capital

Featuring KMI Instructor Rooven Pakkiri

Rooven was a Speaker at the "KM, Information and Data; State of the Art Convergence" Conference in London (in-person and virtual).  A thought-provoking look at KM today and where it's headed.  Give it a watch or play it while you work...

Recorded Oct 19, 2023.


Recent Recordings...

Why Should More Knowledge Managers use Organization Development Methods?

Featuring KMI Instructors John Hovell and Dr. Sharon Varney

Recorded Sep 19, 2023.


How to Create Successful Initiatives with KM and User Engagement

Hosted by KMI Instructors Logan Cort, Nina Spoellker, and Taylor Paschal, with KMI partner Enterprise Knowledge

Recorded Aug 31, 2023.


Radical Curiosity - Innovation Practices and Skills for the 21st Century

Hosted by KMI Instructors Stephanie Barnes and Katrina Pugh

Recorded May 3, 2023.


Innovation Management - What Knowledge Managers
(and others) Need to Know for Success

Hosted by Dr. John Lewis, acclaimed author and consultant in Innovation

Recorded Apr 19, 2023.


Top 5 Ways to Get Buy-in for KM

Hosted by KMI Instructor John Hovell and Dr. Stuart Belle

Recorded Apr 12, 2023.


Why Organization Development is so Important in 2023

Hosted by KMI Instructor John Hovell and Dr. Sharon Varney

Includes "Continuing the conversation" doc here...

Recorded Apr 11, 2023.  


Why Your Organization Needs a Business Taxonomy and Ontology

Hosted by the KMI Taxonomy Team, representing award-winning partner, Enterprise Knowledge

Recorded Feb 22, 2023.


2022 Webinars:

Conversational Leadership (CL) - Why is it so Important?

Hosted by the CL Instructor Team

Our Conversational Leadership (CL) Team gathered for an inspired discussion on CL, why it is essential, and how you can benefit in the workplace and everyday life.

Recorded Dec 12, 2022


Top 5 KM Strategies

Hosted by John Hovell and CKM Grad Rosalie Larkin

Based on your recent votes, our latest Top 5 session was Knowledge Management Strategies. Co-Hosts Rosalie Larkin and John Hovell each shared their Top 5 KM Strategies and then did two rounds of small group discussion. It made for a fun and interesting discussion!

John Hovell is Managing Director of STRATactical, LLC, and a KMI Instructor for the CKM and Knowledge Transfer Certification programs. Rosalie Larkin is Head of Knowledge Management & Competence Development Nokia Cloud & Network Services.

Recorded Sep 20, 2022


Top 5 KM Failures

Hosted by John Hovell and Dr. Ed Rogers

John is Managing Director at STRATactical International and a KMI Instructor.  Dr. Rogers is former CKO for NASA and Principal Owner at Mayjer Enterprises LLC.

Recorded June 1, 2022.


Top 5 KM Trends

Hosted by KMI Instructors John Hovell and Rooven Pakkiri

Based on their latest work with the biggest pharmaceutical, automotive, and other leading brands, John Hovell and Rooven Pakkiri discuss their Top 5 trends in Knowledge Management.  What's big in the 2020s and why? How can Knowledge Managers benefit?  Enjoy a lively discussion of best practices.

Recorded March 16, 2022.


Knowledge Hubs for Digital CX Transformation -
What, Why and How?

Hosted by Sam Hahn, Technology Evangelist with eGain

Recorded Jan 26, 2022.


2021 Webinars...

Top 5 KM Processes

Hosted by John Hovell and Francine Bradmon

Recorded Dec 8, 2021.


Market & Competitive Intelligence (MCI) –
What Knowledge Managers Need to Know for Success

Hosted by Gabriel Anderbjörk, Founder and CEO of Inzyon, a SaaS Insights Environment provider

Recorded November 2, 2021.


Top 5 Ways to Measure KM 

Hosted by KMI Instructor John Hovell and CKM Grad Merrill Anne Jordan

Recorded Sep 24, 2021.


Top 5 Knowledge Management Technologies

Hosted by KMI Instructors John Hovell and Dr. Tony Rhem 

Recorded August 4, 2021.


Radical KM: Why you should care about it

Hosted by Stephanie Barnes, Chief Chaos Organizer, Entelechy; Author, Consultant and Instructor

Part 2 of our 2-Part Series; first webinar is not a required pre-requisite.  Recorded June 29, 2021.


Top 5 Knowledge Retention Processes (Debut of our "Top 5" Series!)

Hosted by KMI Instructor John Hovell and Rocio Sanz

The debut of our new "Top 5" series of webinars hosted by John Hovell.  Recorded June 17, 2021.


Radical KM: What is it and why do we need it?

Hosted by Stephanie Barnes, Chief Chaos Organizer, Entelechy; Author, Instructor and Consultant

Part 1 of 2-Part Series; Recorded May 20, 2021.


New Series: Conversations with KM Practitioners

When KM Experts, Consultants, or Authors, stop by our CKM Class for a discussion on KM

This month we featured Dr. Jamie Muskopf, Principle Consultant, Jamie Muskopf, LLC and Associate at Columbia University School of Professional Studies.  Jamie stopped by our February, 2021 CKM Class taught by John Hovell.


More "Conversations with KM Practitioners"

Stephanie Barnes dropped by a recent CKM Class to discuss "Radical KM"

Stephanie Barnes is Chief Chaos Organizer at Entelechy. 


Personal Knowledge Management: Three Proven Models from Practicing Knowledge Managers

Hosted by Dr. Liz Herman, Dr. Maureen Hammer, and Loren Lovins

Recorded March 11, 2021.


Top 5 Ways to Courageously Advance your KM Practice with Organizational Development (OD)

Hosted by John Hovell, CEO of STRATactical International, and KMI Instructor for the CKM and Knowledge Transfer Certification classes

Recorded Feb 11, 2021


2020 Webinars

The Role of Mobile Knowledge Mentoring in Post-Covid Recovery

Hosted by Philip Marsh, Founder and CEO of Knowledge Mentoring (Global) Limited 

Recorded Dec 1, 2020




How do KM and Diversity & Inclusion Create a Shared Strategy?

Hosted by Donita Volkwijn, KM Leader at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Recorded Nov 18, 2020


AI Ethics and its Impact on Knowledge Management

Hosted by Dr. Tony Rhem, CEO of AJ Rhem & Associates, Author and Instructor; and KMI's Instructor for Information Architecture Certification

Recorded Nov 16, 2020


Conversational Leadership and KM
Part 3 of a 3-Part Series

Hosted by John Hovell and Donita Volkwijn

Parts 1-2 are not required viewing prior to Part 3.  Scroll down for 1-2.

Recorded Oct 22, 2020


Connecting the Knowledge Dots Through Hashtags

Hosted by Dr. Cindy Young

Recorded October 5, 2020. (note: this recording is missing the first few minutes)


Using Story Thinking to Improve Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Learning

Hosted by Dr. John Lewis

Recorded Sept 28, 2020


What You Don’t Know About Change That Will Hurt Your Adoption

Hosted by KMI Instructor, Robert Bogue

Recorded Sept 22, 2020


The Knowledge Economy - Dancing with the Robots

Understanding and Creating Worker Value in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Recorded August 12, 2020; Featuring KMI Instructor, Rooven Pakkiri


The Future of KM - Conversational Leadership?

Parts 1 and 2, with KMI Instructor John Hovell, and KM Leader Donita Volkwijn

Part 1: Recorded June 30, 2020
Part 2: Recorded July 29, 2020


KM and the Digital Workplace During Covid-19

KMI Guest Blogger and KM Expert, Dr. Randhir Pushpa...

Recorded June 11, 2020


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