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KM Institute "Authorized Training Centers" (ATC) are reputable training and consulting firms who are busy delivering our Certification programs in their region.  
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  • United States
  • Europe / UK
  • West Africa
  • South America
  • South Africa
  • Gulf Coast / UAE
  • India / Bangalore
  • Malaysia



United States Faculty

Douglas Weidner, Chairman and Chief Instructor

Douglas Weidner is one of only a few pioneering KM practitioners since KM's earliest days. He is a respected KM consultant, trainer, columnist, speaker and mentor.

Douglas developed the internationally acclaimed Certified.Knowledge Manager (CKM) and Master CKM Certification Programs in 1999 - 2001, based on his KM consulting and training experiences. He first taught the CKM in June 2001 and has trained over 10,000 KMers and Certificants worldwide, from both North and South America to Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Far East and Australia.

He has trained, certified and advised KM leaders in most every U.S. Government Agency and all major U.S. military services and joint combatant commands. Internationally, he has trained KMers from over 1,000 commercial firms and government agencies--to rave reviews. His focus is on the KM Institute's KM Body of Knowledge (KMBOK™), the Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM™), and KMI's much-expanded worldwide KM Certification offerings.

He is an engineering graduate of the US Air Force Academy--MBA in Business Economics (UCLA), MSIE in Operations Research.


John Hovell

John Hovell earned his Certified Knowledge Manager certification in 2007.

He had been practicing knowledge management for nearly 10 years prior to earning the certification.  He has multiple degrees in Management Science and Information Technology. He earned his Project Management Professional certification in 2008. He has published several chapters in books, as well as magazines and other publications. He was once named “Top Young Trainer” of the year.

He has held KM leadership positions for such leading organizations as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, and ManTech.  He is proud to offer an interactive approach based on individual readiness and needs. He earned his Organisation Development certification in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2016.

John is also a CKS (Specialist) Instructor for KMI's "Knowledge Transfer & Continuity" Certification.  Click here for more...

Jack Merklein

Jack earned his Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification back in 2000, and has been practicing KM for over 20 years.

KM professional work: Director of KM and distance learning for the US Army IG School; director of knowledge and learning for Xerox Global Services; worked for Northrop Grumman as a KM consultant to the USPS OIG; chief of knowledge and learning for Peace Corps. Currently the director of KM for World Vision International, and is an adjunct professor teaching KM for the University of Maryland University College and also serves as the course chair for their KM program.

Education:  BS in Engineering from West Point; MS in Human Relations/Organizational Development from Golden Gate University; PhD candidate in Knowledge Management from Walden University.

Europe / United Kingdom

Rooven Pakkiri

Rooven earned his Certified Knowledge Manager Certification in 2015, but prior to this, he had been practicing KM for over 15 years.

A veteran of the era, Rooven Pakkiri is a digital evangelist who focuses on the way technology changes organisational communication and collaboration.  He is an author and regular speaker on the subject of Social Business and how it is transforming the corporate rule book. Rooven is also the co-founder of a regular thought leadership event in London where independent thinkers discuss issues of user adoption and cultural transformation.

Rooven teaches the CKM program in London, UK and other international locations.

Rooven is also a CKS (Specialist) Instructor for the "Social KM" Certification.  Click here for more...


West Africa / Lagos

Phillips Consulting Limited

We are a leading business management consulting practice serving clients across Africa. We work in all major sectors of the economy and levels of government engaging highly trained and sector-experienced consultants. PCL is a wholly owned Nigerian firm with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Johannesburg. Established in 1992, we offer an array of business and management consulting services to government and corporate organizations.  

CKM Classes are delivered regularly at the PCL offices in Lagos, now in our 3rd year.


South Africa / Cape Town

KM Institute of South Africa

KM Institute (Pty) Ltd, or KMI of South Africa, is a leading Knowledge Management consultancy offering a wide range of Knowledge Management specific services and solutions - from Knowledge Management strategy consulting, using the unique Integr8ed Knowledge Management Framework, to Knowledge Management workshops and training sessions, Knowledge Management processes and products support and also advice on KM systems, tools and technologies.

KMI also offers specialized services for tacit knowledge discovery and capture, as well as on-line Knowledge Based surveys.

CKM Classes are being held at the Misty Hills Conference Centre, outside Johannesburg.


Gulf Coast / Dubai, UAE

Trends Training

TRENDS Professional & Management Development Training is one of the institutions most distinguished in providing training services both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. At TRENDS, we realise that the business success of an organisation depends on the effectiveness of systems and the efficiency of personnel at all levels inside such an organisation. That is because we believe that raising the efficiency of personnel is the key to achieve the highest effectiveness and productivity and leads to increase the profitability of this organisation. Our training services aim to enhance specific aspects of trainees, who are the most crucial means for the development and improvement of production efficiency in organisations. The best investments are those made in the human element.

New CKM Classes are planned for Dubai in 2020 and will be jointly delivered by KMI and Trends.

India / Bangalore 

Dr. Alok Goel

Dr. Alok Goel is a KM Scholar & Practitioner, working at the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - Human Resource Development Centre, India.

Dr. Goel has a wide range of KM-related experience, and will bring his knowledge and background to the CKM training planned for Bangalore.

Plans are underway for regular classes in Bangalore, and soon other cities such as Delhi and Chennai.



(Pictured: Eric Weidner, VP of Business Development, Dr. Alok Goel, and Douglas Weidner, Chairman and Chief Instructor of KMI)


Sharma Management International 

Sharma Management International is the leading business management training firm in all of Malaysia, and serves the Pacific Rim / Southeast Asia region.

SMI is a bottom line performance focused solutions provider. We offer professional certification courses, conduct organizational level diagnostics, undertake customized training programs and provide consulting services on issues that affect bottom line performance.


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