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Video Series: Conversational Leadership

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Debut Class was a Success!  Actual Quotes from our 2023 Debut Class:

"Excellent. Appreciated the team approach, which brought very valued diversity of perspective and self to our learning."

"I thought each of the instructors were amazing. Each of them brought something so different to the group and really utilized their strengths to show us the best of them. I loved the openness and honesty. The vulnerability and the energy. I could have listened to them forever - the days flew by!"

"Top-notch instructors with experience, knowledge and warm generosity of spirit."

"I think each of the topics were covered in extreme thoroughness. The visuals were great - the miro board was interactive and helpful."

Next Conversational Leadership Class: Fall, '24 (TBD)

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Most Recent Webinar on Conversational Leadership...

Featuring the CL Instructor Team...

The Promotional Videos... 

Part 1: The Quick Intro...

Part 2: Meet the Instructors - Why is Conversational Leadership so Important?

Next: Past KMI Webinars on Conversational Leadership (CL)...

Part 1 - "The Future of KM": CL Instructors and Co-Authors John Hovell and Donita Volkwijn present the topic of CL for the first time to a KMI audience...
(June, 2020)


"The Future of KM - Part 2": John and Donita dig deeper into the concept of CL and its practical application. (July, 2020)


"The Future of KM - Part 3" - Once again, John and Donita dig deeper into CL and answer more questions on the topic and its relevance to Knowledge Managers. (Oct, 2020)

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