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CKS Bundle: Knowledge Transfer

Welcome to the CKS Bundle for Knowledge Capture and Transfer!

Bundle Combination:




 Self-paced/Asynchronous   Live, Virtual Class

In this bundle, learn to apply the proven “Knowledge Jam” method (the Knowledge Capture e-learning course), then join us live in the Knowledge Transfer class, to become an expert practitioner of the highly praised “Knowledge Retention” 4-step process, plus other techniques.

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  • Anyone interested in the capture and transfer of valuable knowledge in the workplace
  • Organizations dealing with the critical loss of knowledge, due to retirements, turnovers, etc
  • Knowledge Managers needing to up-skill and lead new knowledge-sharing initiatives
  • Knowledge Managers needing to transfer tacit to explicit knowledge
  • Organizations needing to leverage expertise for their teams

What's Included?

  • *KM Foundation online program for new students (10 hours)
  • Knowledge Capture self-paced course (10 hours)
  • Knowledge Transfer live, virtual class (2 days)
  • Exams (unlimited retakes - no extra charge), Certificates, Digital Badges
  • Course materials, slide decks/workbooks
  • Forever access to KMI's LMS for bonus content

*Past Grads (CKM/CKS) may bypass the KM Foundation program and start with the Master Courses.

How to Order

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Must be a past KMI Grad to qualify.  

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