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December 2020

Commandments for Driving a Sustainable Community

Dec 30, 2020   |  By KMI Guest Blogger, Ekta Sachania

Organization’s collected knowledge is its most essential asset. The development of this intellectual knowledge from tacit to explicit, sharing and utilization forms the basis of knowledge management. Its purpose is to ensure that the relevant knowledge in people’s heads and the hard drive is captured and made available to the whole organization for the realization of an organization’s goals.

How Knowledge Management Can Boost Productivity?

Dec 21, 2020   |  By KMI Guest Blogger, Nicole Garrison

Files, memos, manuals, guidelines, onboarding lists, CRM data...

Businesses operate a vast amount of knowledge to survive and thrive in a competitive environment. If properly harnessed, knowledge can boost the productivity of entire companies.

That’s why companies are investing in knowledge management systems – the tools that make it easier to share, access, and update information and knowledge within an organization.

In this post, we’ll talk about how these five knowledge management examples can boost organizational productivity:

Capturing Knowledge for Organizational Development

Dec 08, 2020   |  By Ekta Sachania, KMI Guest Blogger

The effective knowledge harvesting, utilization, and sharing are pivotal to competitive advantage for any organization. As Sir Francis Bacon quoted “knowledge is power”. The channeled knowledge through the Knowledge Management (KM) system helps bridge the skills gap, allowing people to make better decisions and provide efficient and productive results, ultimately leading to time and costs savings.   

The Role of Communities in Knowledge Management

Dec 02, 2020   |  By Ekta Sachania, KMI Guest Blogger

Communities are an integral part of knowledge management in any organization bringing together people, processes, and technologies to capture, manage, find, and share knowledge. The purpose is to enable the community members to collaborate, get upskilled, making their day to day work easier and how.

Here are some of the key outcomes from well-driven Communities:

1 - Increased output:
Well run communities enable people to spend less time looking for information or recreating already existing information.

Five Things that Content Management and an Orchestra Performance Have in Common

Dec 01, 2020   |  By Tatiana Baquero Cakici

Imagine that you are in a theater listening to an orchestra. Do you notice that all the musicians refer to the same set of music sheets to ensure that they play their instruments in sync? Just like an orchestra performance, organizations also require aligning various components so that there is a harmonious content management performance. This blog describes the elements that they both have in common.  

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