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March 2024

Why Being Creative is the Key to Capture Tacit Knowledge

Mar 22, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

In today’s highly competitive and agile business landscape, organizational knowledge has been recognized as a key component in the organization’s quest to foster innovation and stay relevant and successful.  

Knowledge Management as a Tool for Improving Customer Satisfaction in Logistics

Mar 18, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

Logistics and supply chain organizations like any other company need to ensure efficient processes to deliver quality services and products to customers. In a rapidly evolving digital climate, knowledge management (KM) is the tool that can help logistics companies meet customer expectations concerning efficient communication, timely deliveries, transparent tracking, and undamaged products.

Optimizing Organization Functions with Knowledge Management (Part 1)

Mar 17, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

The goal of Knowledge management (KM) is not only to facilitate knowledge sharing for the optimization of resources, but also to improve efficiency, reduce the learning curve for new employees, foster innovation, and enhance overall performance across the board.

How Knowledge Management Can Set up Organizations for Sustainable Success

Mar 07, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Knowledge Management (KM) is a powerful tool that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within organizations, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of business processes and the emergence of innovative solutions. However, is this alone enough to persuade stakeholders and company leaders to embrace a KM culture?

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